18 May 2009

Happenstances I happen to like

*The Official White House Photostream.

*Last night Gabriel tied a string to his helicopter, told me it was his new kitty named Bubbles, and proceeded to "walk" it around the house, pet it, ask it if it was okay, offer it some tea. I was sitting on the couch and he came over to me, put his hand on my knee, looked in my eyes, asked, "How are you doing Mama?"
"Oh I'm okay, I just have a little bit of a headache."
"Oh. Do you need me to leave you alone so you can have some space and feel better?"
"No sweetie, you're absolutely fine."

*Gabriel has these massively swollen mosquito bites on his back. Seriously, they look almost like hives. He has very sensitive skin, so bug bites, scratches and the like always look particularly bad. He was getting into his 'jamas, and had his pants on but not his shirt. He lay down on the carpet and started wiggling around. He looked like a puppy. A crazy, dancing puppy. I had to laugh. "If I wiggle extra right, it helps my itchies."

*At the pool the other day there was another woman, with her 2 1/2 year old son. He was running, so she took him aside. "You're just not being sensible right now. Mummy needs you to act sensibly. Can you do that for me?"
"I defensible." I think he was actually saying "I be sensible." It made me smile.

*On Saturday Gabriel and I went up to my parents' house. At one point I went to check on Gabriel. I found him sitting on the love seat in my 12-year-old brother Daniel's room. He and Daniel were splitting a pair of earphones, listening to Daniel's iPod, playing with legos, completely peaceful and absorbed.

*Walking around after work now that the weather is warmer and the days are longer. Alone or with Gabriel, it's so very peaceful.


  1. This made my ovaries ache too. It's been a rough day here and I needed this smile!

  2. Oh, I love when they are sweet like that. It makes my ovaries ache more than they already do!

  3. Ben gets huge welts when he gets mosquito bites and I always feel so sorry for him.

  4. I like your post and I just read your "about me" and life list. Like it all.
    Glad I found you. :)

  5. Gabriel is so CUTE. I love the kitty helicopter. Poor guys and his bites though :(

  6. That is adorable ... the pet and the scratchies ... well you know what I mean ... the wiggling to get the scratchies.


  7. Gabe has quite the imagination.

  8. I look like someone hit me with a baseball whenever I get bitten by mosquitoes. Poor little guy.

    Every time I wear my headphones, my 2 yr old niece asks me if that's my "ipod". I'm usually hooked up to my laptop.

  9. "I defensible"...too cute.

    When my daughter was little and I would tell her to behave, she would answer with, "I am bein' havin."

  10. Your son must be the most adorable little boy ever. "Do you need me to leave you alone so you can have some space and feel better?" I'm still giggling :-)

  11. Wow, that is nice. You are right.

    Um, I don't have anything cute to add?

    But you calmed me a bit ....