17 May 2009

A day in successful parenting!

I went to SadieDey's Cafe in Oakland with Papasan & Momily, VDog, and all associated small children. LOVED this place. Gabriel played for five straight hours with no tears or meltdowns (although he DID interrupt a live musical performance to tell the guy that (a) he was the black spider-man, (b) on his next birthday he'll be four, and (c) CAN YOU BE QUIET I CAN'T HEAR MY MOM. So.

I sort of completely and utterly failed with the whole "take pictures of your child during legitimate out-of-the-house social activity." Luckily, Papasan did not, and I'm stealing his photos from the afternoon.

Momily tested out some of the toys. I think they passed.

Gabriel with little Magoo. They're getting married someday. Hopefully.


  1. Well done, mom! How stoked is Momily that you posted that photo of her? Hella stoked, that's how stoked. Hella. How did VDog and Little Man manage to stay out of these shots? Wiley, those two.

  2. VDog had escaped by the time I lumbered out the camera.

    It was a very good time. I learned a great many things, including how damn strong a three year old boy can be when he adheres to your leg.

  3. Oh, how I love those places! My son will play like a maniac for hours and then pass out very early that night. Perfect outing in my book.

  4. Your post concept mirrors my own feelings at such outings. Right down to the not taking any pictures.

    I'm as awful a blogger as I am a parent.

  5. Oh, no! Gabe can't marry little Magoo. I want him and my granddaughter to get together!