20 May 2009

Apparently this is now a photo blog

A mommyblog photoblog? Seriously though, I got nothing.

I'm experimenting with a new diet, which I'm calling "eating less." I'm peppering it lightly with a regimen of "exercising more." Preliminary results seem promising, but I'll report back with final conclusions at a later date.

I'm thinking about starting up a more anonymous blog so I can bitch more freely about people and things in my real life. But if I do, I won't tell you about it, so...I guess I could be blogging elsewhere RIGHT NOW and you would NEVER KNOW. Except I'm clearly not so good with the secrets, so there's that.

I like...stuff.
Good news! My son? My adorable son? He is still adorable! Observe:

Gabriel Weepy Face




  1. Our children may never EVER procreate for fear of ruling the world.

    And you totally stole my idea for turning into a photography blog.

    Stealer stealer, pumpkin eater.

  2. Yeah. I fall back on photos a lot. As in my most recent post, for example. And many others. Fortunately, your kid is up to the task (and I think mine does too).

    When you set up the secret blog thing? You tell me where that is, okay? I'll keep it on the down-low, I promise.

  3. I want secret information! E-mail me. And I'm on the same diet!!! It's hell. I'd gnaw on this desk if it wouldn't give me mouth splinters. *le sigh*

  4. Your son is definitely adorable.

  5. Photo's ain't the end of the world. Especially not of that kid.

  6. I would never get tired of seeing pictures of Gabriel. Ever.

  7. You're right...the adorable seems to be permantently stuck to that one.

    Anonymous huh? You make sure you share! That's an order (issued in my most forceful German accent).

  8. He is drop dead gorgeous! The hair! The eyes! The sweet smile! OMG, the LIPS! He will be such a heartbreaker!
    Yeah, this 'diet' of sorts? Shoot me.
    There's an anonymous blog out there that you can post on. Haven't I mentioned it? It's www.useyourwordz.blogspot.com. Have at it!

  9. I think a secret blog would actually be called a journal? That's so retro.

  10. he really is

    i have a blog that i named anonymous so that i could be

    and then i told my friends

    and now i secretly wish i had time to have two blogs

    or maybe i will just start ranting again and not care

    happy thursday!

  11. you could say it anyway and tell people that if they don't want to end up reading things about themselves to stop being butt heads...

    but photos work too, since you're kid is like the cutest!

  12. How's that diet going? It's actually one of the best I've tried.

    I have thought about having a second blog where I could write about stuff I don't want people who actually know me to read. But that would involve additional effort. And it's hard enough for me to post anything to my current blog without sapping energy off somewhere else. Like work. Or dishes. On the other hand, maybe blogging is like sperm, where the more you put out the more you make. Maybe?

    And yes, he's adorable. :)

  13. I hear good things about that new-fangled diet. I need to try it.

  14. If that new fangled diet program works, you should write a book. I hear the market is hungry for them.

    Cute kid!

  15. I don't think I've heard of that diet. Please, break it down for me further!

  16. I hate that diet. I seem to eat more than ever when I'm on it!

    As for the blog, I don't even have the time to throw up photos lately, so you're doing just fine.
    If you go underground, let me know. I love a good bitch in the morning ;)

  17. Yes he is still so cute I could eat him!!!!

    I know what you mean about bitching freely...tat is why I have played my blog-hopping game lately...but I am here to stay now...plz let me in on your bitching blog (if you do it)...cuz the bitch loves the bitch!

  18. He is super cutie pie! :D
    Anonymous blogging sounds like a good outlet. I have a couple of private journals, with different groups of friends.
    I still want some anonymous ranting sometimes, though! :P

    And, if you wanna knock an item off your list, I've also been wanting to walk across the GGBridge! :D