19 April 2009

My sister: Genius

My sister has spent the past week talking about her hypothetical blog, and the different things she would name it, if it existed. A partial list:
  • Too Fat For Guys In Flat Hats
  • I Love People
  • Adventures In Pants Combing
  • Jesus Was A Carpenter (Who Really Liked To Talk)
  • The Dinky Bird Is Singing
  • A Little Peak Of Flame
  • Scrabble Fights
  • How Not To Make Money
  • Better Than Miss Grace's Disgrace
  • Never Ending Fancy Free
I can't remember them all, which is pretty tragic. I'm pretty sure pantscombing.com is available though.


  1. Where was she when I needed a blog name??

  2. Are you even the slightest bit tempted to create all those blogs then sell her the rights?

    No? Just me?

  3. Speaking of Jesus...I seem to have become a target for Jehovah's Witnesses...lovely.