22 April 2009

Earth Day MeMe

When Neil asked who would do a meme, I happily volunteered. This is because I really like Neil, and his blog is awesomesauce. On the meme issue I feel a bit more lackadaisical. I like being tagged, because it makes me feel loved, but I don't so much like passing it on, because I don't want to make anyone feel PRESSURED about what to write about on THEIR OWN BLOG.

Anyhow. Five things I can start today and do for a month for Earth Day:

1. ACTUALLY USE my reusable bags. This was a New Year's Resolution, but I'm monumentally bad at it for some reason.

2. Use the library. Checking books out instead of buying new ones is quite Earth Friendly. It's also kind to my wallet. I have a book-buying problem.

3. Turn off all the lights when I leave the house. This should be a no-brainer, but for whatever reason I always forget Gabriel's night light and the bathroom light. Also, there are some lights that I turn off at the lamp instead of at the switch. I will turn them off at the switch.

4. Unplug all of my chargers when not in use. As of this morning, my cell phone, camera, and who-knows-what-else chargers were all plugged into the wall. Also, I'll unplug my hair straightener (I know I should be doing that anyways for safety reasons, but I suffer from The Lazy).

5. Bring my own reusable coffee mug to work every single day. Instead of just a couple times a week.

How about you?


  1. I vow not to fart as much therefore doing my part not to make the hole in the ozone bigger.

    International Comment Leaver Week


  2. You don't unplug your hair straightener?!?!

  3. Install a digital thermostat in the new apartment because they totally said we could! Yay!

    Recycle all those damn bottles and cans. Bonus -- coffee money!

    Get my daughter potty trained. Less diapers!

  4. You have time to straighten your hair!?

  5. I don't want to sound snobby, but since I AM extremely snobby, I'll just go ahead-- I can't think of anything I could do for a month that I haven't already either incorporated into my life or rejected as unworkable.

    Every day is Earth Day, yay!!! Do you need to borrow one of my poms?

  6. I could use the clothes line I am thinking about during the summer. And I could beat hubby into joining the CSA for yummy local veggies this summer.

  7. I could shut off my desktop and laptop computers every day. I say "could," because I probably won't, seeing how long it takes them to reboot.

    Oh, and that hair straightener? Yikes, girl!!!