09 March 2009

Too tired to come up with a clever title

I'm historically bad with these post-travel posts. I might spend a whole weekend in another state, on an exciting adventure, and only tell you about the cab rides, or a couple pick-up lines. Therefore, you'll have to forgive me for resorting to bullet points.
  • Virgin America! Best airline ever! Comfy seats, food is edible, nifty console, cheap, on time! Yes!
  • Flight there was immeasurably improved by the fact that I was not sitting by this guy. The drugs helped too.
  • Flight home was made immeasurably more painful by the fact that I'd had just two hours of sleep, was still drunk, and...yeah that about covers it.
  • Kathy! I loves me some Kathy. There were some logistical problems with the fact that I didn't have a computer, and Kathy didn't have a phone, but we did eventually coordinate a facebook chat that got us into the same part of town.
  • Boston has one of the best public transportation websites I've ever dealt with.
  • Friday Stacy, Kathy, Ben and I went to dinner at a pubbish type place, and for the first hour or so that we were there, we were treated to inexplicably loud and out of place hip-hop. Then, once people started to show up and the place was turning more into a bar than a restaurant, the volume went way down and the music turned all easy listening.
  • I totally abandoned Miss Lola. We were supposed to meet up for lunch on Saturday. I couldn't find my phone, and the aforementioned computer dearth left me unable to contact her. Sorry honey!!
  • Saturday afternoon I wandered around downtown with Ben and his friends (who are all really nice people, by the way). Between this and my wanderings with Kathy, I can actually say with a fair amount of honesty that I've "seen" Boston.
  • At the bar we went to on Saturday night, the well gin was Tanqueray. That was awesome.
  • Ben and I went on a 3am french fry walk, whereupon we ran into some strangers, and I fed them goldfish crackers, and he told them about the time we got him a stripper for his birthday (Note to self: Tell scaggy old stripper story at some point).
  • Bacon salt on french fries is the most delicious thing. Ever. Heather, Lilsass, bacon lovers everywhere: take note!


  1. SHUT UP!! Did said fry establishment have bacon salt or Ben had it on her person? Prease exprain.

  2. er, "his person"

  3. Because I was there for the epic old hooker night, and watched as Ben's face turned shades I didn't know were possible, I will look forward to this story. :)

  4. I flew Virgin from Seattle to LA last year. Loved it. Loved it a lot!

    (PS Your comments box does not like me when I use Firefox...poop)

  5. Ooh ... sounds like a FABU trip, glad you had fun!

  6. Rather loved my flight on Virgin, as well. Like a hipster disco jet with guilty-pleasure TV. Also, big fan of bacon. At present, I have maple bacon lollipops in my possession. They are The YUM!

  7. I need to convince The Man to spring for Virgin Atlantic tix when I go back to the states. I have heard it is the only way to fly international.

  8. ok, I love the bullet points! I am going to have to try it myself!

  9. Really? Bacon salt? I've never heard of that. Sounds lovely though.

  10. No worries, darlin', as I had quite a great Saturday. Next time, we'll have lunch that includes bacon salt!

    Glad you had fun!

  11. I loves me some Jenny too!! :)

  12. You totally neglected to mention the freaking baconnaise, and bacon flavored LIP BALM!! OMG!! I am so getting some of it.