13 January 2009

What's making me happy right now?

Gabriel calls his T-Rex a Dinosaurus Resk.

I got four new pairs of pants for $50 last weekend.

I haven't stepped on the fish yet. The longer I go without finding it, the more convinced I become that it jumped down the drain, which is the tidiest possible solution at this point.

I've finished my latest knitting project; ass-kickingly cool arm warmers. Should I take pictures? I don't know if you care about my knitting, or want to look at it or anything. If you do, I made some ass-kickingly cool arm warmers, and they're my first project knit in the round.

I'm re-reading the Bartimaeus series. LOVE those books.

The weather's been gorgeous.

I packed lunches for me and Gabey today and yesterday.

I don't have to work any more overtime until the beginning of April.

Gabriel loves both (a) helping me with household chores, and (b) doing Jillian Michaels' 30-Day Shred (although between you and me, he totally phones it in towards the end).


  1. "phones it in towards the end" man you're funny.

    I am not sure if the no over time till April is a good or bad thing. I know a lot of people that are screaming for over time right now and can't get it. I just wish I could find a job that isn't bartending.

    Anyway... yeah. enjoy that weather.

  2. Phones in! LOL.

    I want to see the knitting!

  3. I am relishing the lack of overtime.

  4. Did Gabriel ask you what happened to the fish??

  5. Gabriel, bless his heart, has not seen fit to notice the missing fish, and I'm certainly not about to bring it up.

  6. Well that makes things easier. When I taught preschool, we had a class fish named Winnie the Pooh (the kids voted). One day, after I had left my classroom, two older kids went into my room unattended, and filled the fishbowl with soap. He was belly-up shortly after. We bought a new fish, Winnie the Pooh II, and none of the kids ever knew. But I don't know him, maybe he wouldn't even care if he realized?

  7. That is adorable that he helps doing the shred. It's too cute! You need to post video of that.

  8. I need to see the arm warmers!! I knit a pair of wrist warmers last year. It was my first project on dpn's but not my first project in the round (I did a hat first).