07 January 2009

Proof that yesterday? I was looking my best

The sad part is that yesterday was pretty typical as far as the Frazzled At Work look that I regularly achieve. And at least now you know that I take what I dish out in the merciless teasing department.

Coworker A: What about today made you decide to wear your bangs pinned back like an indolent teenager?
Me (laughing): Well, I didn't have time to take a shower this morning.
Coworker A: Ah, so you thought, "Aha! I've got a barrette, and today I wish to look like a sulky 13-year-old." It's just all or nothing isn't it?

Me: This sweater is a FAIL. It's fuzzing pink all over everything.
Coworker B: Ew it's like an STD! Keep it away from me!

Coworker A (later): Oh I didn't notice the school marm bun you're sporting!
Me: Suck it. Did you notice my sweater FAIL?
Coworker A: Of course I did honey.


  1. this was a great exchange. more. I want to hear more of these.

  2. I want to see a picture of this pink STD

  3. This would have been better chronicled and communicated via the medium of photography. Just a thought.

  4. Ah, but it's the only STD you can get rid of with a lint roller.

  5. you continue to make me laugh. thanks for that!

  6. LOL....aren't co-workers the best?

    Paralegal: "What is weird about you today?"
    Me: "Uh, my hair?"
    Paralegal: "No, that's not it. Hmmm...." glancing up and down my form.
    Me: "I'm wearing glasses?"
    Paralegal: "Oh yeah! Huh. You don't usually wear them right?"
    Me: "No, not usually. You know...for the last 3 years you've seen me every day at any rate."

    Got your message....I was going to put up the award on my MEME page but then I decided to just steal it and put it on the main one. Honestly, if I nominate the same 5 people again I think they might hunt me down and take away my rum.

  7. Hehehe! "A" sounds pretty damn funny. I have a fuzzy pink sweater FAIL, too, and I really need to clean my closet.

  8. this is exactly why i up and quit my office job.

    now i work at a prono store. the pay is crap and i have to worry about getting robbed...

    but the best part? um, it's a porno store?