29 January 2009

No I'm not talking about that! Just the dentist is all. The DENTIST!

I've decided to take the high road, and not officially talk about this on my blog. However, I just have one teeny, tiny thing to say. Slander is spoken, libel is written. And don't call our son spineless, okay?

I took Gabriel to the dentist this morning...for the first time. I? Rock. I would've taken him earlier, but he was still on Healthy Families until Jan. 1st of this year, and my dental choices were terrifyingly ghetto. If I hadn't known that I was switching him to my insurance as soon as They would let me, I would have sucked it up and either paid out of pocket or gone to Scary Dental Clinic. But I knew, and I waited.
I took him to a pediatric dentist because my sister had bad luck taking her kids to our regular dentist, simply because he doesn't have the proper equipment for tiny mouths.
Gabriel doesn't have any cavities, and I apparently brush his teeth enough, and he was really well behaved, so that was all good.
His dentist creeps me out in a very vague sort of a way, so that's bad. He kept saying things like, "I'm really jazzed that you chose to bring your son to our office," and "You should be totally psyched, Gabriel's teeth look great."

I'm still dying of...something.


  1. I am a bad mom-- I have yet to take either of my sons.... but no dental insurance = high bill and I am not going to pay that for some moron to tell me everything is fine.

  2. So, all I have to say is lolololololol to that "other blogger" and their SuperAwesome way of dealing with life.
    I always thought that a parent's first instinct was to protect and take care of their child- financially, emotionally, whichever. Apparently I was wrong about those genetic traits.

    But what do I know, right? All I do is sit at a computer all day, whittling away my time despite the master's degree and delightful social life. I just enjoy wasting my hours and insufficient intellect by putting comments on your blog. It's my supreme source of happiness... at least, I think so, since I'm an overemotional freak with too much time on my hands.

  3. I would love a dentist like that. I need to find a new one myself. :(

  4. I thought that all people from California said those words...huh..go figure.

  5. What was he 12? Was he like some super genius that graduated dental school at 11?

    That would creep me out, too!

  6. Good luck with that "other blogger." I would hate to think what slander my ex would say about me. You are a strong woman and a good mother.

    Also, if you are still looking for a good pediatric dentist in SC I have a recomendation.

    Best of luck.