02 November 2008

NaBloPoMo: This turned out a lot creepier than I intended

Sometimes I read someone's blog, and I feel love. I become a fan. I care, and I don't care if they don't care about me. It's not just that they have something interesting to say, or even that I really like them. It's that I'm totally convinced that if we were to meet at some party in real life, THEY would really like ME. We would totally be BFFs because hello? We have so much in common, and, um totally the same sense of humor and stuff.

So I leave you comments and really really really just want you to LIKE me. Do you like me? I want you to like me. So that eventually you'll love me. You love me right?

Then I have an epiphany. Steve, who lives in his grandmother's basement and collects celebrity nail clippings THINKS THE EXACT SAME THING. He's totally convinced that if Angelina Jolie just MET him, just ONCE, she would totally realize that they're meant to move to Montana together and raise guinea fowl.

Steve's there, writing intense fan mail to a stranger, just wanting her to LIKE HIM.

Okay, so I guess one difference might be that I don't hide dead bodies in my mattress. Yet.

I was going end this with a list of blogs with which I am obsessed, but since I accidentally turned it all crazy-like, and I don't want y'all blocking me, I just...won't.


  1. hilarious...

    I like you -- and I am hoping that you are not collecting nail clippings of any kind -- because I would like you anyway!

    Thanks for writing on the weekend, btw, because it is such a dry desert on the weekend!

  2. I get that crazy feeling too.

  3. I love you... on the blog, and in real life :D

  4. I like you...I really do...tell me where to send my hair and nail clippings...

  5. Time is precious, we all know that. I, for one, wouldn't come, read and comment if I didn't like what I read and then assume I'd like you in person.
    And I certainly hope that is true of those who come by and read my random musings. Don't we all?
    Oh, did you want my lint collection? :-)

  6. If Keanu and I met on the street...I'm telling you...we'd be like "this".

    Steve, live your dream man, LIVE YOUR DREAM!

  7. I totally do the same thing. And I am POSITIVE that if we were friends in real life it would be a non stop riot!

  8. Oh, I like/love you, because you are just awesome and talk about hiding bodies in mattresses.

    What a good idea.

  9. Can't believe Glamour Girl beat me. I was going to say that she and I stalk you...but the fact that we are posting right by each other already proves that. I think we're trying to live vicariously through you...

  10. Of course I like you, Missy. I wouldn't waste my time stopping by if I didn't. Plus, you're a liberal, and I do love me some liberals!

  11. Of course I like you, Missy. I wouldn't waste my time stopping by if I didn't. Plus, you're a liberal, and I do love me some liberals!

  12. So I take it from what you said that you hide your dead bodies elsewhere, but you may soon have to expand into your mattress due to sheer volume?

    I think we'd get along just fine-- give us the Creepy List!