13 November 2008

NaBloPoMo: Remindered

I lived with Paris for four years when I was living in Santa Barbara. We were randomly assigned freshman-year roommates, and we...liked each other. Or something.

Anyways, she just emailed me because she wanted to know our addresses while we were in SB/IV/on campus. I clicked reply, and wrote back with every single one. OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD. More proof that my problem is not keeping thoughts in my brain. My problem is keeping USEFUL thoughts in my brain. I can't remember to send in my rent check, but I remember the name of the boy in kindergarten who taught me how to tie my shoes.

There is a point to this story.

It's coming.

Okay here it is:

Paris reminded me of two things.

1. UCSB had CSOs, which were basically dorky guys with bikes who you called when you were wasted and your friends wouldn't let you walk home by yourself. Cuz they didn't want you to get "raped" or "assaulted" or whatever. Okay so it was probably definitely a good idea. Whatever it still sucked at the time. Anyways. You called, and they rode their dandy bicycles to where you were and walked you to your home. I never utilized this service myself, but I vividly remember forcing a livid Paris to use it. It was not so much that I was legitimately concerned for her safety. I was torturing her. Wait, I'll do it some more: Paris, wasn't Ballerina Scot a CSO?

2. The last name of this guy we both (but mainly Paris) used to work with: Tanner. I'm not big on putting first and last names here, because of "privacy" or whatever, but Dave Tanner, where are you? Does anyone know? I would like to know what you're doing with your life, but your name is too common, and thus much too difficult to Google, and I'm not sifting through the 500 choices on Facebook. Dave, should you Google yourself and end up here, I'd like to know what's become of you, okay?


  1. How did you like Santa Barbara? I've visited it a couple of times, didn't know if it would be a nice place to live or not. Expensive yes. Good?

  2. The CSO thing actually doesn't sound like a bad idea. In Boulder, if you want to go home alone, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get someone to with you. They do have a free service called Night Ride, but it is the most poorly run service ever. Taxi's are a nightmare and the buses run every 2 decades. And now, with the recent attacks against women all over campus, I'm kinda wishing there was a dorky guy to walk me home at night.

  3. Hilarious... to call someone out on the chance they will google themselves and end up at your post and then update you right there on the post. I might have to try it someday.

    I am generally a really good internet sleuth and try zabasearch and peoplefinder and get threads which I can then tie together when I then search his/her name -- I don't like google, though because it tries to do too much -- I don't want filtered searches -- I like to see it all like a bookshelf at the library and then sift through it myself - obviously WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS or not getting my actual work done... whatever, I enjoy it.

    Oh...and on facebook, you can search a name with a company and/or school so it will narrow it down for you... but those internet virgins really work my last nerve -- just put your stuff out there already!

  4. Found you through NaBloPoMo blogroll. I have to admit to having a similar "gift" for remembering useless information. It's annoying and cool at the same time. Because, hey, if I ever end up divorced, I might want to call my first boyfriend's parents and see what good ol' Chris is up to, right? :D

  5. I was telling Alex all about the CSOs, and I thought of Ballerina Scott, and I do think he was a CSO. It was a fitting position for him. Remember the rollerblade liners that he would wear as inside-shoes?