23 October 2008


I love peanut butter. In a very big way. I also love butter butter. Because it is delicious. Here are some other butters I have tried:

Sunflower Seed Butter: They sell this at Trader Joe's. OMG DIE it's unbespeakably delicious. Seriously? This is food? That I can EAT? Are you sure it's not Heaven Candy? Wait, don't they have a word for that? Ambrosia? Manna? Seriously. Oh wow. Okay thanks. So far delicious on toast, with carrot sticks, and by the spoonful.

Pumpkin Butter: Also sold at Trader Joe's. Delicious, but only if you like pumpkins. And butters. I'm suspicioning that this is a seasonal product. So far delightful on toast, but I have a strong feeling that it would also be delicious spread thick on pumpkin spice bread for extra pumpkiny goodness.

Cashew Butter: Curiously not as delicious as cashews. It's okay, but since it doesn't live up to the sum of its ingredients OR other nut butters, I am unlikely to repurchase.

Almond Butter: Curiously gross, considering that I love almonds. It tastes too much like marzipan, which (despite my almond love affair), is the most hated of all foods. I don't know how I can love almonds and hate the things it makes. For what it's worth, I also hate cyanide.

Pistachio Butter: I've never actually seen this anywhere, but it might be delicious. I would definitely buy it if I ever saw it.

Apple Butter: Mmmmm. Delicious on toast, spread over pancakes, stirred into oatmeal. My mom makes it, so she's my chief supplier.


  1. You should make herb butter. It's pretty yummy too. But doesn't really help curb addictions to toast.

  2. Have you ever tried maple butter. It's pretty sweet, but if you like real maple syrup, I think you'd enjoy it, also great on toast!

  3. Strawberry butter is pretty great too- and not at all just a different way of saying "strawberry jam."

  4. My wife lives for apple butter. Her mother (kind of a hippie/hick) makes it, too. I've tried it... Not my cup o' tea.

  5. I bought the TJ's pumkin butter and it's kinda not getting the play I'd imagined.

    Look at you! Loud and proud for NaPoBloMo '08!

  6. Pumpkin butter is AWESOMENESS! I've tried soynut butter as a peanut butter substitute (one of my niece's is allergic) and it tastes like the caca.

  7. Wow I have never heard about many of these butters, like pumpkin butter. But now I really want some apple butter. D*mnit.

  8. I bet I love peanut butter even more than you do, but given that, do I dare try these other butters? Do I need to have another unhealthy addiction?

  9. Have you tried dark chocolate peanut butter? Or cranberry vanilla peanut butter? There's a huge world of flavored peanut butter out there to explore!


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