14 October 2008


I was planning on conducting a photo-review of Halloween costumes that I've worn as a legal adult, but I only have three of these gems online. My freshman year at UCSB I dressed up as Britney Spears, a la Hit Me Baby One More Time. Probably I did not look like this:
I was young and impressionable. Give me a break. The following year I was a skeleton. With an orange plastic pumpkin holding my crap. That's me shotgunning a beer with my roommates. We epitomized class, in every POSSIBLE way:
Then I was a chicken thing. I have no words. Luckily, I have this picture, which is worth a thousand. What I'm unfortunately missing are the even MORE valuable pictures of my mom and brothers wearing this costume.
The next year I was a cowgirl, and I have a picture of that somewhere, but I can't find it.

The year after that I was the chicken creature again. Also I was 6 months pregnant. Also that costume? Greatest thing EVER. But Miss Grace, where did you ever find such a glorious thing as a creepy turquoise chicken costume? And how did it come to be that you also have a matching turquoise rooster purse? My grandma gave me the purse when I was seven. She got it for me in Bali, and I hang on to a lot of random crap. Because who knows, maybe it'll match the chicken costume you decide to wear when you're 20. (I know the purse isn't pictured, but trust me, it exists. AND has red legs) Well my mom found that costume at the thrift center and declared that it MUST BE PURCHASED. Then she put it on in the middle of the afternoon in the middle of the week at The Catalyst. Which is just one more reason why I love my mom. I also love her because she allowed me to humiliate her in three steps this weekend. First by letting me put hair in pigtails, then my letting me take this picture, and finally by the fact that I posted it on the internet.

Last year I was feeling pretty woefully uninspired, but I was going to a specifically Angels and Devils themed event, so I bought some $5 barrettes, donned one of my slightly slinkier dresses, and called it a day. That's me, actualizing my life as a rockstar:

Anywhoodle. This year. What should I do? I was thinking about clipping some cheap-ass devil horns in my hair again, but I'm open to suggestion, as long as said suggestion is (a) reasonably priced, and (b) not the chicken costume, which I've already worn for two Halloweens, and managed to convince people that it was a serious costume BOTH times. I don't think I can pull that off a third time, I'm sorry.


  1. you failed to mention the letters B, H, and K. remember that?

  2. Um, there was a huge jump there from the chicken to the devil. I'm just sayin'. I love old pictures. They just make me smile.

  3. My favorite costume ever was one my cousin wore. She was Glenda the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz. She used a lampshade to make the crown!

  4. I'm going to a costume party with a mandatory costume rule, and the theme of "Tim Burton." I'm sort of stressed by the fact that if I don't want to spend any money on my costume, I'm going to have to look goth and draw stitches on my neck.

  5. That costume is adorable. Adorable! I pinned devil horns in my hair last year too. We should get together and go out drinking as a pair. Solid gold.

  6. I love the fact that your mom wore the chicken costume in the middle of the day to the Catalyst, she sounds like fun!!