04 September 2008

Conversations for which I didn't plan

Don't touch your penis while you eat!

Please don't touch your penis while you're talking to me.

No. Don't put food on your penis. That's rude and unsanitary.

You need to keep your hands out of your pants when we're in public.

I do not ever like it when you try to put your hands in my mouth.

No, don't touch your penis while you're eating.

Even if you're not eating but you're at the table.

Even if you're eating but you're not at the table.

Gah! Back your naked little body away from my computer!


  1. LOL
    I think I've had every one of those...
    Just wait for "I know you think it feels good but if you want to touch it please go to your room and close your door."
    or ,
    "I don't like it when you lick me, please keep your tongue in your mouth" and
    "don't lick your sister"
    LOL thanks!

  2. With four little boys in the house I use the word "penis" waaay more than Id have ever thought!

  3. Well, I've finally found a couple of things I haven't had to say. But with 2 girls I have had this question ...over and over... "Mommy, why do I have a hole?".
    Easy answer - to tee tee and poo poo.... Mothers of girls get off pretty easy on this subject for a while!

  4. I'm so glad my daughter doesn't have a penis.

  5. That is really funny. Oh boys, what can you do?