26 August 2008

It FELT illegal....

Friday afternoon I had a package in my mailbox. It contained two unlabeled packs of cigarettes and a "smoking diary." It was from a research company. They will pay me $10 to smoke their cigarettes and tell them how I like them. As I am not a smoker, I don't know how I was picked as one of the test subjects. I live in California, where you can't smoke within a nautical mile of any living creatures potentially breathing air, and you have to sacrifice your first born in taxes for each pack you buy. We have some pretty strict anti-smoking stuff going on here. I'm pretty sure that smoking is considered a bigger deal than snorting coke. So, um....are you ALLOWED to just mail people cigarettes? Please advise.

Still time for my CD Exchange! Let me know!


  1. Totally legal. Just like when doctors ask your permission to vaccinate your child as a part of a clinical study and assure you that it's 'perfectly safe'.

    Totally unethical, but legal nonetheless.

  2. If they pay you $10 to start smoking their cigarettes, are they going to pay your medical bills after you've long been addicted and have throat cancer?

  3. I absolutely cannot believe that. That is beyond horrible and unethical. Insane!! Can you post a picture of this?

  4. Um, I don't want to start a blog fight but cigarettes and vaccines = not AT ALL the same thing. Clinical trials are both ethical and legal and are the only source of research out there. The only way we know medicine works is by trying it out. We know cigarettes kill cause people keep dying. There's nothing to "research" there.

  5. I've never heard of anything like that? The last time I visited California was 2003 and they were tight on the subject then so I imagine the get tougher each year. Hey, by the way, you should have my cd by next Thursday at the latest according to the UPS people.

  6. Yeah it's legal, but if you had bought them there'd be lots of extra taxes and other red tape.

    You should pass them along to a smoker, if there are any left out there.

    $10 seems like a bit of a bargain for them.

    But LilSass, blog fights are fun, so please understand my egging both of you on: I love both of your blogs, but I agree with only one of you on this. Now argue over who it is... go!