18 August 2008

I hate driving

On the drive to Chico Friday night, Gabriel asked to stop and use the bathroom. We waited in line, and then it was our turn. Gabriel had to poop, and he's two, and we were at an ARCO station, so it was taking him a minute to cotton to the whole situation. Then a lady knocked on the door.
Me: Just a minute.
Then just as Gabriel's getting ready to do his thing, she knocks on the door.
Me: Just a minute.
Then just as Gabriel's ready to make magic, she knocks on the door.
Me: My son's trying to use the toilet, you're going to have to wait until he's done.
Then Gabriel's relaxing again, and there's a knock on the door.
Me: You need to wait.
Then, moments later, a knock on the door.
Me: Unless you want to come in and piss in the sink you'll have to wait your turn lady.
ARCO employee: Ma'am I'm going to need you to come out of the bathroom.
So I open the door wide to expose my poor child with his jammies around his ankles: "I'm sorry, but we waited our turn, and now my son needs to use the toilet. The more often she knocks on the door, the longer it takes. He is a child."
ARCO employee obviously was not told that a child was using the potty and was genuinely apologetic. She leaves. I look at Bitch Face Extraordinaire: I'm going to close the door now, and my son is going to use the toilet. You are NOT going to knock on the door again. We'll come out when he's done.

Whole fiasco ended up taking something like 45 minutes. End result? We didn't get to Chico until well past midnight.


  1. Ohhhh I wanna kick her ass. Damn Bitch Face.

  2. That is unreal! Telling on you? Cuz she wanted in the bathroom and you took too long? What the f*@& did they think you were going in there? It's a toilet for crying out loud. They're just going to tell you they "need you to come out of the bathroom"? Gimme a break.

  3. You should have said random things to her every time she knocked. Like:
    "Hold on, we're almost done wrapping your present."
    "Just a sec. Your mom's not done eatin'."
    Just knock on the door in response, like there is some kind of freaky echo!

  4. Sheesh, some people have no patience.

    I think I would have taken all the toilet paper and paper towels with me just to mess with her. But that's me.

  5. I hate rude, entitled people. Such a PITA!

  6. What a bitch. Good for you for for not putting up with her crap.