08 August 2008

Hippie? Maybe. Smelly? Never!

First, my Friday Haiku:

Lucky days slide by
Unlucky ones crawl forward
Don't linger today

This is something fun to do with your photos.

It helps that Gabriel is, by his very nature, so darned cute.

I've been spiraling into hippie craziness. After a few failed experiments and strangled attempts to simulate dairy in my coffee, I've finally arrived on Rice Dream as the piece of magic that can help get that vital caffeine into my veins. And you know what? I think I like it BETTER than milk in my coffee. There. I said it. Do you know what that means? With my coffee problem solved I think I could totally give up dairy. There's still the morning granola to consider though. Oh. Yeah.

So here are the foods that I don't buy:
  • Breakfast cereal: My mom makes granola, and it is delicious, plus full of nuts and whole grains and good-for-you things.
  • Eggs: Because we have chickens. And they're the best kind of chickens really, because they live at my mom's house and my sister takes care of them, so I just reap the benefits of free, organic, hormone free, free-range, perfectly lovely eggs.
  • Avocados: We always had a couple, but this year my dad went sorta crazy, and now I think my parents have something like 20 avocado trees.
  • Juice: My dad works for an apple juice company. Personally, I hate apple juice, but I like to have some on hand for smoothies and Gabriel. If I WAS buying juice it probably wouldn't be apple, but this is free.
  • Bread: My sister works at a grocery store and brings home enough bread from the daily culls to keep us all well-fed.
  • Plums/Apples/Apricots/Pears: Grown at my parents' house.
  • Jam: Made by my mom.
  • Blackberries: I pick them wild. They grow all over town, and seriously? Those fuckers are expensive.
  • Lemons: Lemons grow all over everywhere, I pick them when I find them. Also, my parents have a couple trees.
  • My parents also have summer vegetable garden from which I scavenge freely, a peach tree, a nectarine tree, and a sapote tree.
  • Coffee: My grandpa has his own proprietary coffee blend, which he buys in bulk.
So. Not only does all of that ease a considerable portion of the rising cost of food, it also eases my conscious re: harmful pesticides, etc., and berry picking is fun.

The food? That could be considered one notch in my hippie belt. Other things?
  • I don't buy garbage bags
  • Reusable grocery bags
  • Reusable non-plastic water bottles
  • Reusable cofffee/tea cups
  • I don't buy tupperware--instead I reuse yogurt containers, etc.
  • I ride the bus
  • I buy a lot of my clothes second-hand
  • I breastfed and cloth diapered Gabey when he was still breastfeeding and wearing diapers
Things that I still do, even though I'm pretty sure they're bad for me and/or the world?
  • I drink. Not excessively, but I do, and when I drink, I'll also drink soda, which I normally avoid
  • I clean with bleach and all sorts of chemicals. It's just more satisfying that way
  • I use crazy toxic ant killer
  • I use the "dry with heat" setting on my dishwasher instead of the "dry with air" option
  • I have a whole retinue of bad-for-you cosmetics and lotions and hair product and nail polish
  • I dye my hair. Well not since the end of March, but the intention is certainly there
  • I relish in air conditioning
And finally, perhaps (hopefully?) the point of this post, some pretty traditional things that I'm seriously planning on giving up:
  • Shampoo and conditioner. My friend Stella (my cut and color specialist) has advised me to do baking soda cleansing treatments (like once a month or so) to boost my hair health and cut down on grease, but I found this article, which was the push I needed to finally experiment with the baking soda/vinegar treatment as a full-time option. It also helped to hear such rave reviews from Angry Chicken and Evany.
  • Traditional, aluminum-based antiperspirant. My mom has super sensitive skin and is highly allergic to most deodorants, and I think my sister is too? But less so. I'm not, and I've always relished in my Secret-wearing ways. But in all reality I don't really sweat that much, and if I'm in a situation when I would (like at the gym or something) then I sweat ANYWAYS. And I've heard enough about all of the horrible horribleness of applying metals and chemicals to your tender porous skin, and so (deep breath), I'm thinking of buying this, from Lush. I promise if I start to stink I'll switch back, so long as you promise to tell me if I start to stink.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to organize a protest against GMOs and do some volunteer work for Green Peace.


  1. I think it's important to actively set new goals and pursue them for a healthier, cleaner lifestyle. But please don't be one of those women that uses the keeper and then tries to push it on other people. K?

    I think it's gross.

  2. Your haiku is very, very true. :)

  3. I wish to clarify that I shave my armpits.

  4. have you tried almond milk? you'll never go back.

  5. Deodorant is
    God's way of telling us that
    simply, He fucked up.

  6. Your parents' fruit cornucopia sounds amazing! And the fact that you can just pick lemons when you're walking around just reaffirms my desire to move to California and join the CLA!

  7. Can I hang out at your parents' house sometimes??

  8. I found a hippie deodorant I actually like, it's the lavender version by Alma (I think).
    I am SO jealous of your parent's abundance of unprocessed food. SO jealous. At least I live in hippie Boulder, and can get just about all the good stuff I want (at a high price, of course, but still).

  9. @Literal Dan: Of course you can, if you live in the area. They have an overabundance and like to share.

  10. Srsly, I am sending my parents over to your parents right this second. God I miss California