30 July 2008

In which I am photogenic

Firstly of all, Sam over at My Mumbling Thoughts posted our interview.  You should totally check it out, and check out the project that started it.

Secondly of all, I saw my adoringly adorable friend Monica on Sunday evening.  Her friend Bruce was handy with his camera, and since I saw on his little view finder that he had taken a bunch of pictures where you couldn't tell that it's been 4 months since I dyed or cut my hair, I've been totally waiting on them before blogging about how much I love Monica.  Because I'm a really good friend.  And not vain at all.  

When I went to UCSB, I had a posse.  Well.  It wasn't my posse specifically, but we had a fabulous core group of friends.  We all lived near each other, and threw parties together, and got drunk and slept in each other's beds, and spilled red wine one each other's couches.  Well.  Maybe I was the only one passing out in your bedroom and spilling red wine on your couch, but I digress.  Monica was one of those friends.  And I love her.  And I miss her.  And seeing her is always great.

Don't bring a stroller, be prepared to carry the 2-year-old:

Thinking very hard about his taqueria food:

Looking a wee bit mischievous: 

Caught off guard:


  1. Those pictures are adorable! Your son is so cute and tan. Love the last photo too of you "off guard"