07 July 2008

How Emma remains awesome

For the past month or so, I've been on the lookout for a new purse.  The very day I announced to the internet that the biggest problem I'm having in life is a lack of appropriate handbaggage, Molly sent me a link to this bag, which, duh, was clearly sitting in a warehouse somewhere with my name on it, just WAITING to belong to me.  There it is, the perfect size, in one of my favorite colors, and all fresh and different looking and what have you.
And then what happened?  
Well I somehow never got around to buying it, even though I had every intention of doing exactly that.  Not only did I never buy that purse, but I somehow went an entire week without going to my parents' house.
So when I got there late Saturday night, imagine my surprise and joy when my mommy told me that I had a package!  From Emma (who may still be acting like a twat and keeping her blog password protected, but whateva')!! 
And I think you know it was this purse.  
I promptly emptied my bag into my new bag, and pranced around with my new bag on my shoulder until I collapsed from sheer exhaustion.  And Emma is unbespeakably full of amazing.  Obviously, you can't really buy my love.  But you CAN buy me something absolutely perfect for my life and my world and my needs, and REMIND me of my undying love for you, which of course I never really forgot about, it just sucks to love someone so much and have them live on another continent.
But I do.  I love you Miss Ems.  
Will you ever come visit me ever again?  

And I do have a lovely post to write about my weekend, but I want to get the photos uploaded as well.  Stay tuned!


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1 comment:

  1. That is so sweet of Emma! Even if you say she is a 'twat'. LOL! I haven't heard that word in such a long time!