24 April 2008

Things I've done while driving

  • Changed my pants
  • Tied my shoes
  • Changed my shirt
  • Applied eye makeup
  • Brushed my teeth
  • Read 
  • Knit simple projects
  • Flossed
  • Filed my nails
  • Done my hair
  • Paid my bills
  • Peeled an orange
  • Popped zits
  • Taken pictures
And in the interest of fairness, here are some other things I've done while driving:
  • Rear-ended an old lady
  • Rear-ended a young lady
  • Driven my mom's car off the driveway, rolling it 1.5 times
  • Nearly driven my car off of a cliff, being stopped only by a tree stump
  • Side-swiped my aunt's car....on my driver's side
  • Not put the car in park and had it roll into a nearby field
  • Been issued a speeding ticket
And although I did get that one speeding ticket, here are some that I avoided:
  • Speeding ticket, did not receive because I turned of my dash lights and claimed that they didn't work, and that I did not, therefore, know how fast I was going.  Officer helpfully showed me how to operate my dimmer switch.
  • Speeding ticket, did not receive because sheriff's daughter went to UCSB, where I was headed.
  • Speeding ticket, did not receive because Gabriel was hurting my brain with how much he was screaming, and likely hurting officer's brain as well.
  • Ticket could have been for any of the following:  Parking illegally, parking in closed lot (in closed park), possession of (several) fake IDs, minor in possession (of alcohol), violation of open container policy, expired registration.  Received ticket for not having proof of insurance (WHICH I HAD), went to traffic court, dealt with it, the end.
  • Pulled over because I didn't have my headlights on, ticket could have been for this, or for drinking and driving.  Was coherent and therefore did not receive.  Boy who was receiving a ride home on account of his own DUI felt this was unfair.  
  • Pulled over (I was so SURE this time that I had my headlights on) for not have my headlights on.  I wasn't otherwise doing anything wrong.


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