31 March 2008

I just can't wait for that legal insurance

Saturday I had a lot of fun.  The end.

Sunday morning K was supposed to drop Gabey off at Stella's house at 11.  He called me at 9 to tell me that Stella wasn't answering her phone.

-Well you aren't supposed to drop him off until 11, so she could very well be asleep.  Or not at home.

I called Stella, she was at the park.  I called K, and told him that she was at the park.  He brought Gabey to the park.  And then decided that he didn't want to leave Gabe with Stella, and took him away from the park again (K has sort of a complex about Stella being a bad parent, and let me assure as someone who regularly interacts with her and with her with her child and with her being a mother that she is not and that I completely trust her with my son and would not otherwise entrust him in her care and I know this is a run on sentence and that perhaps you would enjoy a comma or a semicolon or SOMETHING but deal with it okay?).  I hadn't been planning on getting to Gabriel (at Stella's, where I had important stuff like my bike to attach to my car) until 1230 or so, and I was, um....in Sacramento, so it's not like I could get there any earlier.  But I drove back up to Chico, and I still had to go to Stella's to get my stuff, and go to the bank because I still am using a local Chico bank because I haven't had time or the inclination to switch, and then I didn't actually get to Gabriel and K at the 20th St Park meeting locale (AKA The Total Nightmare of Trying to Park Anywhere In or Around that Park on Kite Day) until 130ish.  And K didn't give me any $$, even though he owes me $$$$$$$$$$ and it would be nice to even have $ for the sake of supporting his child, because he "Didn't have time since he'd had Gabe all day."  But you opted to keep him all morning/afternoon as OPPOSED TO LEAVING HIM WITH A PRE-DETERMINED SITTER.

Headaches, I tell you what.

BUT.  Gabriel had a really good time with his dad and was really needing to see his dad.  

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