20 December 2007

Ichmas Christmas

So I have at the very least a good percentage of my giftings purchased. I still have my dad, but I'm not too worried because I'm not seeing anyone till after Christmas anyways, and malls, crowded indoor malls, make me extremely claustrophobic and induce mild panic attacks, so I'm choosing to avoid them at this particular time of year. I do have brave Costco on Saturday afternoon in preparation for our apartment complex Christmas party. Ick. But I also have some Costco impulse buys to return, so I spose it's a necessary evil. I don't know why I go to Costco with one thing on my list and come out having spent over $200 and not gotten the ONE THING I CAME TO BUY. Evil Costco demons....

I spent last night in Sacramento, which was nice because so far, it's always been nice. Plus I saw (I know it's a travesty that I hadn't managed to see it yet) Superbad, which is EXACTLY my kind of movie. It's almost like it's specifically designed for someone with Movie ADD. I didn't once feel like getting up to start something else. And have you ever watched a movie with me? That's really saying something.

From what I hear Gabriel has fully recovered to his regular and spunky self, and he's back at daycare. I don't have any idea what we're doing this weekend/into Christmas, beyond Staying In Chico. I think Sheena had mentioned something about doing Christmas Eve at her house, which is a definite possibility, and I'm sure we'll have to figure out just how to feed ourselves, etc. Luckily Gabriel doesn't have any expectations.

Although I do need to get him stocking stuffers still. I mean, Santa has to get them. But I'm going to help.

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