26 December 2007

The best thing about Christmas

Christmas Eve I let Gabey sleep in my bed, because it was Christmas Eve and (as I often do) I was feeling indulgent.
While I was reading him stories (Christmas Stories) he kept talking about Santa, and his stocking, and how Santa was going to come to his house. This was the first time in the whole month before Christmas that he had even somewhat started to "get it" or to be really excited about anything other than the fact that Santa gets to wear some pretty awesome red 'jamas.
Then he fell asleep, and I got up and wrapped his presents and cleaned up the house for Christmas.
When I came to bed a couple of hours later, he sort of woke up as I was shifting him around. I told him I loved him.
He leaned over, whispered "I love you too mama" and kissed me on the cheek.
That was the first time Gabriel has ever told me he loved me.

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