15 November 2007

You make me crazy, please stop.

I'm glad I left you, but whenever Gabriel asks me a question about his dada that I can't answer, the hope in his eyes puts tears in mine.

It turns out that the only thing I hate more than having you at my house when I'm not is having you at my house when I am. Of course, both are better than not having anyone ever to sometimes watch my sweet baby, which is my other choice.

Supporting your son while you're living with your girlfriend is not the same thing as supporting him when you are separated. You need to pay child support. I don't owe you anything.

Seeing as I maintain a home for our son, and you do not, please don't feel the need to make clever and biting remarks about my apartment. It's a mess during the week because as a single working mother, I don't always have time to do everything. Better to have one messy apartment than two cars.

It's not babysitting when it's your own child.