26 November 2007

Must Love Emma

Miss Emma lights up my life. I met her when she was spending a year abroad at UCSB. I subsequently visited her in her Limekilns hood, even though she was tired of having people from California visit and couldn't take any more time off work, I still adored her enough to adore the trip. We almost saw each other in Chile, but I had just found out I was pregnant(!) and that sort of lamed up my trip a bit. Luckily, Emma was living my dream life and traveling the world, so she came and visited my pregnant self in Chico, where I introduced her to chocolate peanut butter calzone (how did this go undiscovered through my 5 years in Santa Barbara?!?! How?!?!?!?), and she sang My Humps until I wanted to drill a hole in my temple. Then, like a dream, she was gone. Luckily, Emma's goal in life is making me happy, and just a bit over a year later, she was BACK!! She learned how to break into my house, met my sweet baby, then because, ahem, certain other people are exceedingly lame, I got her to come down to Santa Cruz with me, for more fabulous shopping, and the aquarium(!) where she took an awfully lot of photos that she never sent me (EMMA SEND ME THOSE PHOTOS YOU BITCH). Anyhow, these days Emma is in Australia, which is awfully far from me, and she seems to be WORKING ENDLESSLY, with no CA visit in sight. I would die to go visit her, but something about almost 2-year-olds and $2000 plane tickets make that seem...unlikely at best. So we keep in touch via email, myspace, poorly written surveys, etc, etc.

But I got an email this morning that made me absolutely jittery. Emma Jay has started a blog!!

I'm linking to it far before she would want me to I'm sure, as there's one lonely post and a wonky title bar, but believe me, Emma is the funny, witty, beautiful, endlessly entertaining even if you don't know her, AMAZING person that I could only hope to be. So keep an eye on her, because it's only a matter of time before she parlays this into a book deal and uses it to fly across the globe.

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  1. ma humps, ma humps, ma humps, ma humps,ma humps,ma humps,ma humps,ma humps,ma humps,ma humps,ma lovely lady lumps......

    check it out!