14 November 2007

The last time we anything

Alexis.We exchanged emails about your mailing address, and how busy you are.
Ben.You called me at 3am your time from the cab on the way to a girl's house. And it was perfect.
Chris.You told me to get back to work. Clearly, I did not.
Cody.I listened to your voice mail. You say say you miss me and love me. I miss you and love you too. Eventually, I'll call you back.
Daphne.I messaged you on MySpace, because seriously? WHY did you keep hooking up with Justin?
Darci.I told your daughter to stop looking at porn.
*Emma.Even though you're not in my cell phone, I love you more than most.
James (Stryker).We went to Maile's wedding. You tried and failed to hit on a girl. We had fun.
Jayme.I saw your new house. I was jealous.
Julia.We came to the conclusion that our childhoods were very, very charmed.
Maile.I kissed you at your wedding.
Megan.I invited you to come out in L.A. You stayed in with Ian.
Mira.I played name-that-friend with your online pictures.
Molly.Ongoing Scrabble.
Monica.I called you on your birthday. You didn't know it was me.
Sara.We are making Christmas concert plans.
Sheena.You fed me pizza, washed some of my diapers, listened to my crazy. Our children ran around like ragamuffins, gossip.
Stella.I told you to talk to that man of yours.

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  1. id just like to add me:

    Emma: you broke into my apartment, but then you let me drive your SWEET sporty car VERY fast.