02 October 2007

How to distinguish my apartment from a garbage heap

This is a typical week for my apartment:
  • It is clean and organized and "away" on Sunday.
  • Monday nights, K watches Gabe at my house, and I get home at around nine, typically to some sort of chaos which I make no attempt to deal with (or if we're following grammar rules, "that I make no attempt with which to deal").
  • Tuesday after work I pick up again, do my dishes, remove larger pieces of debris, vacuum, etc. etc.
  • Wednesday it looks okay, maybe a little rough around the edges. I usually don't do anything to my house beyond washing my dishes, possibly cleaning up GIANT messes.
  • Thursday my house is a disaster. I can guarantee that there are crackers smashed into my couch, juice spilled on my floor, dirty laundry all over the house, a sink full of dishes. It looks like the home of a degenerate college student.
  • Friday I start the picking up process again.
  • Saturday I mop, vacuum my furniture, clean my bathroom.
  • Sunday I restore order, and we start over again.
Well this week Sunday and Monday have gone as expected (in other words, my house is a mess right now). But I have some stuff I need to take care of after work today, and I'm not sure if I can put it back to rights (which is what I do on Tuesday--make a half hearted attempt to restore order), and that, combined with the fact that I am probably leaving town this weekend, leaves me worried about what kind of disaster I am going to have to deal with this week.

P.S. I'm CRAZY. Why should I be okay with a messy house if it falls on a certain day of the week? That, my friends, is some kind of sign of some kind of disorder.

P.P.S. Throughout this entry, I kept writing afterwork instead of after work, and my text editor kept telling me "Hey crazy lady that's totally NOT a word" with its red underlining functions, and I'm just staring at it like what? Afterwork. Beforework, afterwork, I don't get it. Like today, TODAY I am convinced that is a word.

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