26 September 2007

It's Wednesday and I'm STILL scatterbrained as all hell

I recently found out that I am the Master of Ceremony's at our upcoming graduation. It was mentioned in this casual offhanded way when we were going over the program.

"Well you're the MC Jennifer, so you'll get up first to say a few words."

I stopped listening....Right there. I'm not so much known for being articulate in the liveaudioworld. I get nervous and sweaty and I stutter and I have this really obnoxious laugh, and a llama possessed by Satan could give a better speech than me. Although in all fairness I guess that anything possessed by Satan could probably give a pretty compelling speech.

I have some truly adorable video footage of my son, but blogspot is foiling every attempt I've made to upload it. I tried about 15 times yesterday before I issued my official "fuck it" judgment. You guys will just have to believe me when I tell you that Gabriel saying "More milk please mama?" is the cutest thing on the planet. Cuter than that poster of the kitten hanging from the telephone wire with "Hang in there!" printed on the bottom.

I'm trying to figure out when I should go down to my parents' house again. I was down Labor Day weekend, and waiting until Thanksgiving to visit would just be so....uncharacteristic of me.

A couple of recurring annoyances are coming into play, trying to prevent my Thursday visit to Sacramento, but I think I shall persevere. I ate about half of a coffee cake yesterday, which was a really great idea. Gabriel went to school today wearing his new skeleton pajamas underneath one of my t-shirts (turquoise, scoop neck), his blankie and his boots. Oh and I didn't get him into the bath last night, and he has dreadlocks now. Full-on dreadlocks. Please, please K, we NEED to cut his hair. We can let it grow out again, but he needs help!

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