03 July 2007

Classy Things I've Done, in No Particular Order

  1. Bought wine with cash aid
  2. Written "I hate Jenny" in the dust of my uncle's car in order to get my sister in trouble
  3. Poured an entire bottle of nail polish into my sister's underwear drawer
  4. Cut up my sister's money with scissors and sprinkled it on her bed
  5. Read my sister's diary
  6. Dumped lotion and perfume on the floor in front of my sister's door
  7. Called 9-1-1 for a taxi
  8. Exed people out of my life without ever talking to them or telling them why
  9. Broke up with Prav in an e-mail
  10. Told Julia I was pregnant in an e-mail
  11. Flirted with Catalyst bouncers *shudder*
  12. Rifled through my grandmother's things
  13. Told Ben's crazy girlfriend that he cheated on her just because I was mad at him (it was true, but still)
  14. Slept with somebody to make myself feel better
  15. Said really mean things about somebody behind their back, (true things, but that doesn't matter)
  16. Made K tell my mom I was pregnant
  17. Lived in a Motel6
  18. Lied to my bosses about K living with me in Santa Barbara
  19. Competed with a friend for the same thing/person/whatever just so I could win
  20. Cheated at Monopoly
  21. Stuck gum to the underside of a table
  22. Drank, no. Slurped beer off of the floor of a tent borrowed from the UCSB dorms for $1
  23. Told someone that she looked cute in something that she actually looked awful in, for the secret joy of having her look awful in public
  24. Gotten people into shows at the Catalyst just because I wanted to seem cool
  25. Gotten mad at Gabriel because of something that wasn't really his fault
  26. Called in sick when I wasn't sick at all
  27. Lied about my hours

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