22 June 2007

Taking time out of my minibreak to rant

Okay. I have to spend almost $4,000 on my gums, which really sort of sucks, although the periodontist is giving me valium, so there's one bonus. And really, my mom will probably be the one writing the check, so I shouldn't complain, I just would way rather spend $4,000 on about 1,000 other things.

I haven't had time for a lot of my friends lately on account of I'm working during the week and trying to find another job, and out of town most weekends, and when I'm not at work I really like to devote some time to Gabriel because I don't get to see him all the time now, and he's my baby, and that makes me sad. If you are one of my friends who actually lives in my complex, or if you are paying me to hang out with you (yes Darci I'm making fun of you) then I have the time, sometimes. I am still making an effort to call people back even if I can't hang out, etc., etc. If you have a problem with this, you suck, I'm annoyed, and you're making yourself into a problem where there was no problem before. I will have time to hang out again, I just need to settle. But right now I don't have time for anything unnecessary. I don't have time period. I especially don't have time for friends that I feel like I have to baby. One baby is enough.

All that said I'm having a really good time this weekend, I got my glasses fixed, I'm excited about going up to SF tonight and tomorrow, and I'm on my way to the beach. Also, I miss Gabriel. I'll be back Sunday night, but probably not available for anything at all until Monday or later.

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