Bucket List

The first version of this list was originally posted way back in 2007.
It's since been edited and revised and moved over to its own little section. 

1.  Ride in a limousine
2.  Bake a pie
3.  Do that stretch where your head touches your knees.
4.  Go to a strip club
5.  Learn how to play poker
6.  Go out to dinner at a nice restaurant, alone
7.  Own proper grown-up furniture
8.  Cross the Canadian Border
9.  Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
10.  Photograph the Moscow subway system
11.  Have lunch in Paris
12.  Go on a kayaking/camping trip (the kind where you kayak to the place where you camp)
13.  Learn how to fix my own bicycle
14.  Prepare and host a holiday meal
15.  Knit a sweater (entirely)
16.  Plan a pregnancy
17.  Read Moby Dick
18.  Drink a mint julep on a porch in the South
19.  Find out what my natural hair color actually is, before it's grey
20.  Own a home
21.  Make my own candy
22.  Live in another country
23.  Visit New Orleans
24.  Learn to sail
25.  Hike the Incan Trail
26.  Live in a 'real' city
27.  Snowboard in the Alps
28.  Learn to surf
29.  Make angel food cake
30.  Make clothes from patterns that I designed myself
31.  Drive on the autobahn.
32.  Take the train across the country
33.  Put my feet down in all 50 states
34.  Swim in the Mediterranean
35.  Fly a kite
36.  Catch a fish
37.  Have an office
38.  Bake bread
39.  Ride in a hot air balloon
40.  Have more money in the bank than I owe to other banks
41.  Snowshoe
42.  Have a vegetable garden
43.  Design and make jewelry
44.  Make a quilt out of my old fabric scraps
45.  Attend a black-tie affair
46.  Sit up straight
47.  Make wine
48.  Get all of my jewelry properly sized and repaired
49.  Take someone I love on a surprise trip or vacation
50.  Learn calligraphy
51.  Take a photography class
52.   Plan and host a party
53.  Spend the night in a castle
54.  Camp on the beach
55.  Go rock climbing
56.  Make soap
57.  Learn how to make those fancy frosting flowers
58.  Spin yarn
59.  Kiss the Blarney Stone
60.  Learn to smile and say thank you when someone pays me a compliment
61.  Learn how to change my own oil (and then do it)
62.  Do a handstand
63.  Spend 24 hours alone and off the grid and out of touch with everyone
64.  Make a stop motion film
65.  Live on a houseboat
66.  Catch a firefly in a jar