29 October 2019


Last night I went to a Lizzo concert and it was WILDLY outside something I would normally do. I drove two hours away to a big city even though I find driving into big cities to be intimidating, I did it on a Monday night even though I for sure had to work on Tuesday and extra hard on account of leaving a little early on Monday. We are currently affected by the California PG&E power outage crisis and I haven't showered since Saturday and my hair is so oily and my house is so dirty.
Back in June when I bought the tickets everyone I invited was basically like What's a Lizzo and my friend Amber was like whatever I trust you let's do it. Then my sister and a few of my other friends found out what a Lizzo is in the least hip way possible, via NPR, and they bought tickets, and a couple of my other friends were in San Francisco for unrelated reasons and it turns out that THEY bought tickets and it turned out to be this WHOLE BIG GROUP OF MIDDLE AGED LADIES DOING A FUN HIP THING.
It will take me at least a week to recover from the sleep deprivation, (light) weeknight drinking, and work reshuffle, but it was WORTH IT.
One great thing about Doing Fun Things as a middle aged lady, which partially offsets my inability to recover on Tuesday morning, is that we can just afford to buy the tickets we want and pay to park at the venue and eat at the close by restaurant and order the fancy top shelf cocktail.
Anyway, if you find yourself being offered some sort of analagous opportunity, I am going to heartily suggest that you just DO IT, even though there are one thousand reasons to not do it.
Also, Lizzo. Lizzo is transcendent. Like a religious experience but for the badass empowerment of ladies, while wearing a french cut thong leotard.