29 October 2018

I need an accelerated life list

I need to redo this list for a shorter timeline.
  • Travel somewhere with my husband (Paris? Greece? Portugal? Iceland? Argentina? Somewhere). 
  • Take the babies to the snow (planned for December).
  • Take a trip with Gabriel (planned for December).
  • Travel with Molly (planned).
  • Get rid of the god damned elliptical machine.
  • Live long enough to see someone besides Donald Fucking Trump as our president.
  • Go to Santa Barbara with my mom again.
  • Pay off all of my debt.
  • Get my jewelry sized and repaired.
  • Try oil slick hair
  • Swedish Death Cleaning.
  • IDK if I will be allowed to get tattoos but if I am, finish the one on my leg and also get a bee and also get my family crest. 
  • Read all the books on my bedside table. 
  • And all of the ones in my kindle too.
  • And a whole lot more besides that.
  • Go to therapy (find a therapist).
  • Estate planning (made the appointment!).
It turns out I don't care whether or not I learn calligraphy or how to surf or how to make pie crust. When I think about learning a new skill, it makes me feel cranky. So I'm not going to do that.
I'm sad about not going to Russia, but I can't think of anyone who would go with me, and I feel a bit dodgy about Russia lately to be perfectly honest.
Hopefully I will knock all of these out and have years and years and years to come up with new ones. Maybe I'll go to Russia at some point in the future if I don't die. 


  1. Elizabeth and I just went through pages and pages of pictures of oil slick hair. SO PRETTY.

  2. oil slick hair is pretty but such a bitch to maintain.. (says the one who hasn't had a hair cut in a year and a half.. )

    1. But do it anyway. Who cares about the maintenance. Do the hair and the tattoo and the whole damn list. ESPECIALLY NUMBER SIX.

  3. We liked Iceland but it was pretty wet and cold when we went in July (and pricey). If you prefer warmer climates, then maybe Greece or Portugal might be better (although they are HOT in summer).

    Best wishes for consultation tomorrow!!

  4. That photo is just lovely. Your list is perfect. Don't do anything you don't want to do. At all. Ever.