29 November 2016

2016 - what a time to be alive

The world seems very terrible lately. Maybe I am being hyperbolic, but I do not FEEL hyperbolic.
We have a fascist, rapist, misogynist president elect, who does not appear to believe in the constitution.
The EU seems poised to break apart.
Russian aggression towards....everyone else seems likely to increase exponentially once the United States is run by a Very Scary Man.
The Middle East.....remains troubling and unimproved.
North Korea continues to test nuclear weapons.
China continues to bully its neighbors.
Hey, don't forget about ISIS, to say nothing of Boko Fucking Haram which seems to be running fucking WILD.
Oh yeah and Mexico appears to be run by drug cartels.

Anyway, I don't feel like I'm being dramatic, but I do feel like we are careening towards some kind of WWIII event.
And that's the global look, because let us not forget the uncertainties about healthcare, about global warming, about police shootings of unarmed brown people. 
What a time to be alive.

I feel generally on edge and I'm not sure if or when that feeling will ever go away.

2016-induced anxiety - is that a thing?