19 September 2016

Baby dolls that are not (overly?) girly, not white, and not too expensive

Everett will be one tomorrow!
I've noticed that Timehop counts the days from 5am - 5am (instead of a midnight to midnight cycle) so this morning I woke up to my baby Everett announcements! He was technically born at 2:54am on 9/20, but y'know what, Timehop? I appreciate the sentiment. It DID feel like one big long day.

While I did more or less/accidentally live tweet Everett's arrival, I don't know if I've ever laid it all out in one place.
- I had a midwife appointment on Friday morning, and I was 'checked'.
- A few hours later (I SUSPECT THIS IS RELATED BUT WHAT DO I KNOW I'M NOT A DOCTOR), my water broke! Not like a big whoosh but more like a slow....dribble. My mom took me to the hospital and Quentin met us there and they were like yeah your water broke, are you having contractions? And I was like nope I'm sure not, so they monitored me for awhile and then they sent me home and told me to come back in the morning or when I went into labor, whichever came first.
- Saturday morning we re-arrived, I was still not in labor. They gave me cervidil, which was uncomfortable but didn't really do anything. And then like 12 hours later (and like 30 hours since water breaking) they were like heyo so y'all both look fine but a timer started when your water broke so let's giddy up.
- Anyway they started a pitocin drip at 11:30pm and it was TERRIBLE MUCH WORSE THAN NATURALLY OCCURRING CONTRACTIONS HOLY SHIT NO WONDER PEOPLE NEED EPIDURALS and they weren't checking me b/c infection risk and I got a shot of fentanyl, which didn't make anything hurt less but it sure made me not care.
- And then I had an overwhelming urge to vomit and poop at the same time which I will STRESS REPEATEDLY IS NOT THE SAME AS THE OVERWHELMING URGE TO PUSH but then while I was puking into the hamper while I sat on the toilet I DID find myself experiencing the overwhelming urge to push and I was like help I need help and they sort of muscled me back into the bed because my walking was not great and they grabbed the OB walking down the hall and she was like holy shit here's your baby and Quentin was like holy shit what is happening and anyway the baby arrived about three hours after the pitocin was started, so it was really a very quick affair, even though it went from Friday all the way to Sunday.
So. Everett's birthday is technically tomorrow but I am surely thinking about it today. We are having a small party, mostly for the benefit of my MIL who has exactly one (1) grandbaby.
I bought Everett a fancy party hat, and a ride-on....thing, and a wooden doggy that you pull on a string.
I also got him a baby doll, which turned out to be a frustrating endeavor.
It is startlingly difficult to buy a non-white, non-girl baby doll.
We ended up getting this one.
It was at Target, which is where I was. The lavender smell is more of  sachet/actual lavender smell, and is not overly gross. It's PRETTY girly, but I figure purple is the color of kings! It is also pretty white, despite the 'ethnic' description. It is not AS white as the regular Baby Stella dolls, but....yeah. Nor is it brown.

I went on an amazon quest to find something not too girly and not white and not one million dollars and here is what I've found, bookmarked in case Everett loves babies as much as Gabriel did. It's also possible that he doesn't care at all about baby dolls and this is his first and last.
Anyway, results!
La Baby 11-inch Hispanic Washable Soft Body Play Doll, $12.99

This one is probably the best one I found. It's the first one I'll buy if baby doll demand increases. I find that the dolls that look the most like my kids are the 'Hispanic' ones.

This is not a boy doll, but again I will tell you that PURPLE IS THE COLOR OF KINGS! That said, the thumbnail picture of the black baby doll is pink/frilly and not the same as the picture that comes up when you actually select this option.
My fourth pick is this same doll, but the Hispanic version.
Decidedly and definitively more girly than the purple stripes. But again, I feel like the 'Hispanic' doll color option is the one that best matches my boys, if that's what I'm going for (and it is).
Childcraft Multi-Ethnic Baby Dolls - African American Doll - 10 Inches, $12.99
My Amazon searching revealed a whole variety of these Childcraft dolls. They seem to strike the proper balance between 'realistic enough' and 'looks like a dead baby lying on the floor'. If we really get going on the baby doll thing, this is another one on the list.