25 July 2016

Family updates, and Everett is the happiest baby

Chugging along through the summer over here. Gabriel has mostly been at his dad's, which is as usual/nothing to report.
He's at sleep away camp this week, which technically counts as one of "my" weeks, even though....he is not here. I think it should count as nobody's week, but I also think it's important that he get to go to this stuff, especially when it means going along with his cousins, etc. So here we are.
Susannah (niece) turned four last Friday.
All the cousins were available for her party (she's pictured here with my niece June, as well as a friend). My brother and sister-in-law completed their residencies, and have taken jobs in/moved back to California. And it's great having them living closer.
I love that Everett has a cousin his age!
Everett and Baby Duncan
Everett and baby Duncan are 4.5 months apart (which is the same age difference as Gabriel and his cousin Elliot). Because of school cutoffs, baby Duncan will be in the grade above Everett.
I wonder when baby Duncan will get tired of being called baby Duncan.
His parents report that they want to call him Mac, which is fine! Except I've never actually heard one of his parents call him that. And also our grandfather is still alive and well and named Mac, so the rare times my brother HAS referred to his baby as Mac, I thought we were talking about an old man.
Everett is Everett's middle name (his first name is Quentin), so here both the babies are juniors, and I would like to share my naming wisdom. We got RIGHT OUT THE GATE with Everett. In fact, I think quite a few people are not actually aware that Everett's legal first name is Quentin. (My brother) Duncan dawdled on the whole nicknaming thing, didn't establish a preference until like a week ago, and it's just hard to come around now.
Well maybe he will be successful in his bid for Mac.
I'll let you know how it progresses.
Everett is just the happiest baby.
Chest clip is too low!
His basic disposition is "delighted by life, and all that it contains."
And we are all delighted by him.
The face of a boy who just learned that popsicles exist
He occasionally gets overtired.
And he still wakes up in the night for a nurse.
And sometimes he needs a STOP EVERYTHING emergency nursing session in order to keep his life together.
Emergency naked nursing
He learned how to clap! It's pretty much the best. I highly recommend baby clapping to cheer you on in your day to day life.
He has two tiny teeth.
He is SO EASY about going to bed. I put him down in his crib, and he snuggles down with his butt in the air and chatters at himself for a few minutes, before drifting off to sleep.
Gabriel is more difficult about bedtime than Everett.
Also, Everett eats more than Gabriel. Like in absolute, quantitative terms, he consumes more food. And yet, he's not a very big baby (hey, he poops a lot).
He now occasionally stands unassisted. But only if he is distracted into letting go of his perch.
For instance, if he needs to clap.
Is he always this happy though?
Well, yes.
He really is.

18 July 2016

Recommendations, with reservations (diet/weightloss/exercise related)

I'm going to recommend two things to you, with the disclaimer that I actually hate both of them.

The first is hot yoga.
I hate everything about hot yoga. I hate being hot, I hate doing yoga. I hate doing yoga in a hot room full of other hot sweaty people doing yoga. It's expensive. The room smells. It attracts insufferable people. I dread going. I am hot, and sweating, and doing yoga, the entire time. It does not feel good to me in the moment.

Here is what I like about it:
 - It feels amazing. From the moment it is over, and for at least a full 24 hours after it has ended, I feel light and airy and calm and centered and fantastic.
 - Weightloss/slimming miracle. I don't think it's so much the sweating (which would just be water weight). It's that you don't feel like eating anything too heavy before hand, or at all after either, so it changes your eating habits for a full day, towards fruit and salads and fruit salads.
Also, there are normal people there. I'm not the only one. Just don't focus on the skinny beautiful young people. 

The second thing is giving up grains/dairy/alcohol.
I love grains. Carbs are the building blocks of life. I also like milk in my coffee and cream cheese on my bagels. Cheeses! And a glass of wine because why not. Fancy cocktails! This is not a sustainable diet for me. I want to enjoy my life, not move through it restricting my pleasures for the sake of my size.
However. I gave up all grains, dairy and alcohol for a week. Just one week! I didn't change anything else. I ate the same number of calories (I actually ate MORE calories than normal for me). It happened to be a week that I didn't do any exercise beyond my daily walk. I lost 6lbs.
It's not actually the way I want to live my life, but I was thinking that I could give up MOST grains, non-celebratory cheeses, and alcohol during the week, and make a pretty good cut into my upper arm fat.