19 January 2016

Maternity Pants, Exercise

I've been wearing maternity jeans (one size up from my pre-pregnancy size) since I had the baby. Not like, full over the belly maternity jeans, the kind that has the all around the waist sort of spandexy waistband thing. Oh, I see it's called a demi-panel. Anyhow, that's what I've been wearing, for pants, since I had the baby. The baby who will be four months old tomorrow.
This is my second week back at work, and I realized very quickly last Monday (first day!) that my maternity jeans situation was just not doing wonders for my self esteem.
So I bought a pair of regular adult lady waistband jeans, two sizes up from pre-pregnancy, but no maternity waist. I got them last night, and man. I hate this pants size, but I feel like a million bucks relative to maternity jeans me. I should probably buy a second pair of pants in this (temporary!) size.

Speaking of this size being temporary, I am super done being this size! I was already about 25lbs up from the Jenny Grace Comfort Zone when I got pregnant, and now I'm 15lbs up from THAT weight. So overall I feel 40lbs too heavy to like the way I look in things.


If I consume fewer calories than I burn, I don't produce enough breastmilk to feed my infant. So I can't diet, or really focus on weightloss at all right now.
Which is a bummer.

And all of my 'free' time at work right now is devoted to my slog of a pumping schedule, so I don't have much (any) time to add in exercise.

I don't know where I'm going with this, except that I should definitely pack away the maternity pants (make me feel like sea slug), but I would like to buy as few pants as possible at this weight because spending money on temporary clothes fills me with despair. Except maybe not as despair-filled as when I don't have clothes at all.


  1. No great inspiring words to share, other than this in-between time of post-partum but still nursing is a total drag for body image, and so many of us have been there. And while yes, all (most) moms are happy to be extra fattish so they can nurse their babes, it still sucks. And then when you're done nursing and can focus on weight loss, it's a double edged sword. (Skinny pants! Where did my squishy infant go?!) So, solidarity sister.

  2. I totally hear you. It's an awkward spot. I'm de-lurking to offer a couple of suggestions: thrift stores and eBay. It always made me feel better about the temporary size pants if I only paid 5 bucks for them. It also made it seem more temporary (that is, I really AM going to lose weight when this temporary situation is over; I'm not giving up and buying expensive clothes in this size that I will want to wear).

    Your babies are beautiful.