27 January 2016

Gabriel's activities, sitting

Gabriel has been designing a board game for the past several nights.
Honestly, I have no interest in this game. The pieces move in confusing ways, and there are all these sheets of paper you have to reference in order to play.
But I do enjoy being the mother of a child who wants to create his own things.
I also enjoy a child who is quietly occupied in the evening hours.
"Isn't this so cool mom? I think it's going to be really fun, because I think it's a really good idea."
Yesterday was Gabriel's tenth birthday.
He had a roller skating birthday party, after school.
He had wanted a party at the indoor climbing gym, but I dropped the ball and didn't call in time and they were all booked up, so I sold him on roller skating instead.
It was a success, and I'm here to report that a gaggle of nine and ten-year-old boys are not too old to enjoy an afternoon of rollerskating.

Gabriel has started up with jiu jitsu. I am....not remotely interested in this activity. It's a thing that he and Quentin are really into. I think it's very expensive, but I'm supportive of kids activity involvement.

Gabriel also takes a weekly sewing class, and is a cub scout.

He would like to ADDITIONALLY do competitive swimming, but that would be entirely too many activities. I told him it was jiu jitsu OR swimming, not both. For now he is focusing on jiu jitsu. We may switch over to swimming in the spring.
I am relieved to be free of little league.
Everett is a bonafied sitter now!
I know that Gabriel came to sitting quite early, but.....I feel like that was around now? Four months?
That's early right?
Or was it not early when Gabriel did it either?
Gabriel was not an early crawler or walker, which was just fine with me. I don't think Everett will be either.
Sitting is nice though. It really expands their activity options.


  1. Sam was also sitting at four months! Grace did not stay upright until around six months, which I understand is more average? I dunno, Sam was crawling by then. What a show-off.

  2. I think Gabriel would really be into games like Dungeons and Dragons. Complex world and story building. Check out Dragon Age on Tabletop. It's a play-through of a RPG. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-61i3R5y9Y