14 January 2016

2015: the year of siblings and shitbags

- Quentin. Quentin almost died in October. When our baby was 4 weeks old, his large intestine tore, and he very nearly died of sepsis on the couch in an extreme stereotype of Men Who Refuse to Go to the Doctor.
Then he spent 12 days in critical care at the hospital.
Did I mention that our baby was a newborn at the time?
Anyhow, he is currently more or less okay. He has a colostomy bag right now, and a second surgery in March to reconnect his innards and return to a shitbag free life.
We are very excited for this.

- Everett! Our perfect and delightful baby Everett was born on his due date, 9/20/15, at 3am. His birth was not COMPLETELY without complication, but everything was basically okay, and we both came out of it more or less uninjured.
Everett, on his birthday
Everett, when he was still incredibly tiny
Everett, pretty recently
Everett is a delightful, magic baby. He is smiley and sweet and snuggly. Easy, good at nursing.
I want to discuss this more later, but he responds to hippie remedies in a way that boggles my scientific mind.
Before Everett was born, I had some frets about the large age difference between my children. I am here to report that I was fretting over nothing. My children are a DELIGHT.

 My children are also very photogenic.

-Gabriel! Gabriel is doing much better this school year as compared to last. Last year his teacher was....not good. This year he has a tough but fair teacher and he is doing very well.

Oh! In June we took a family vacation to San Diego, where we ended up connecting with Gabriel's older 1/2 sister, and that has just been the best. They hadn't previously had much of a relationship because it was through the filter of their dad, who's...flaky.
But they are crazy about each other and I love it.
We had her (and her 1/2 sister) up to visit over the summer, and it was great.
They are great.
Gabriel is great.

-Work. Work is also great! I'm working as a manager now, which is new and a bit scary, but I'm fumbling my way through. I finally feel like I have a proper CAREER. That's really something.
I'm BACK at work now, this is my first week here from maternity leave.
It is....okay.
I mean my expectations for coming back to work were not high. I feel sad about my baby, I hate pumping, but I do like my job, and it's nice to have a grownup life.
Oh, and also. Quentin is not working right now because of his health, and we are just coming back from a LONG winter break for Gabriel.  I can confidently tell you that I love my family a lot more when I'm not spending 24hrs/day with them. The break of me going to work is good for ALL of our sanity.
I'm very tired.

Anyhow, this year has been really nice, except for the end bit where my husband almost died, but even that was offset by having a very lovely baby. Although at the very end of the year, my plumbing and refrigeration and electricity all stopped working IN CONCERT at my house,  but that's since been solved, so maybe let's just not discuss that, and say, 2015 was good.
I'm glad Quentin didn't die.
I'm also glad he won't be shitting in bag for the rest of his life, although I like to think I'm a good enough person to be okay with that.


  1. Glad your year was more or less a good one!

  2. I love that photo of Gabriel with his sisters.

    I'm so glad Quentin is okay!!!!!