05 August 2015

For those of you who are able to plan approximately when you have your baby

Gabriel was born in January, and this baby will be born in September, and I have some thoughts about baby having at those different times of year.

Nice things about having a September baby:
  • All of my baby related healthcare costs are hitting in one calendar year. I hit my deductible early, and my deductible is not going to reset midway through my pregnancy. In fact, by the time I actually have this baby, I'll also have hit my out of pocket maximum for the year, and the entire hospital/birthing portion will be cost-free. 
  • Related to the above, I've hit my deductible! Everyone go make all of your elective appointments! Dermatologist! Chiropractor! Acupuncturist! THIS IS THE YEAR!
  • Gabriel is at his dad's for most of the summer, which was also most of my third trimester, which meant that I didn't have to care for any extra humans and got a lot more rest than I would at another time of year.
  • My leave perfectly covers the winter holidays, and I start back at work in January.
Terrible things about a September baby:
  • You have to be pregnant through the ENTIRE summer.
Things that were nice about a January baby:
  • It wasn't hot during my third trimester.
In conclusion, having your baby in the final quarter/third of the year is cheaper and gets you off work during the holidays, but you have to be hugely pregnant in August, which is terrible.


  1. I think we will both also appreciate the tiny vulnerable baby months being a nice time of year, as opposed to the rainy or snowy part of the year.

  2. My babies were born in April, November and August. The spring baby was probably my favorite, because I wasn't horribly huge during the summer. November baby was the worst, because I feel like I missed all of the fun holidays that year- Halloween I looked like a beached whale. Thanksgiving I had a 3 week old. Christmas- I had an almost 2 month old with colic. The August baby was kind of in the middle- yeah I was hugely pregnant and miserable for the summer, but I did get to take my maternity leave during the summer (which, CON the TV viewing options during the summer are weak and I may have developed an addiction to Big Brother during this time). But living in Arizona, I didn't have to deal with putting tiny babies into snowsuits or any of that, so weather privilege maybe.

  3. You are pregnant!!!! Congratulations!!!