01 June 2015

Family Vacation

I'm going on VACATION next week. For a whole week!
I haven't been on a vacation in ages. I haven't been on a vacation that was longer than a long weekend in YEARS.
I am excite.
We're renting a house in San Diego. Not a BEACH house, but a house that is within walking distance of a beach.
That's 4 nights, and then two nights in Santa Barbara. We were originally supposed to be Gabriel-less in Santa Barbara, so I had booked a boutique hotel with antique charm, but Gabriel's dad changed his plans, so now Gabriel is coming to Santa Barbara with us, so I cancelled that reservation and instead booked a resort-type hotel with multiple swimming pools.
I'm starting to form my San Diego plans.
We will be there for three full, not-at-all travel days.
I am thinking we will shoot for one (not all-day) activity for each of those days, plus eating, beach lounging, house lounging, and napping.
We are driving down, so we will be mobile.
Gabriel likes both natural history museums and science museums, and San Diego, being a city, has both, so I think we will maybe do that, plus the zoo. Or maybe the safari park which is affiliated with the zoo.
That seems like a good quantity of activities without overscheduling ourselves. We will still have plenty of time to beach and relax.
If the weather is not of the beach-friendly variety, then we can go to the movies, or maybe just spend an EXTRA LONG time at the museums.
I bought Gabriel a boogie board.
I have a very sturdy umbrella and two beach chairs for Quentin and me.
I understand that San Diego has "grocery stores" so snacks should be plentiful.

I also bought a new bathing suit bottom.
You might think, as a person who is is nearly 6 months pregnant, that what I would need is a bathing suit TOP, but no. I have a very long torso, so I look like MAYBE I'm pregnant, or maybe I just have an awkward beer gut.
Also, because *I* know that I'm pregnant and not just letting myself go, I'm more comfortable than usual in a bikini, because whatever, that belly contains a person. 
However, my butt has grown two full sizes.  So I had to do something about THAT.