18 December 2014

Hotel Wish Lists

I'm on my second work trip of the year.
I have developed a list of hotel THINGS, both required, and nice to have. I'm writing it down for the next time I need to book something.

Room service. The hotel I stayed at in October didn't have it and it was devastating.
Swimming pool/hot tub. I don't always use it, but I always want the option.
Fitness center. Same as above.
Full service bar that's not weird. On my last trip the bar was an extension of the hotel front desk, at my current hotel the bar is beer and wine only.
Mini-fridge. If you're gone for a week, sometimes you want to have a place for a cold beverage or leftovers.
Free WiFi. Why are hotels that charge for WiFi even still a thing? That's not how 2014 works.
Ice machine on every floor. I guess this is more of a strong preference than a requirement, but seriously? Why is this even an option.
Showers that aren't flawed. I feel like so many hotel showers either don't have good water pressure or don't drain properly or whatever.
Decent bathroom lighting.
A cable/tv system where you can hit a guide button and see all the channels and shows that are upcoming instead of just going channel up/channel down and trying to memorize the ones that you like and figuring out what might be on where and when. This was especially annoying when I was traveling during the world series and couldn't find my Giants. Did I click through the channel and it was on a commercial? WHO KNOWS IT IS A MYSTERY.

My last hotel had gym/pool/WiFi/kitchenette area but had a weird bar and no room service and ice machines on every other floor and I was not on one of the ice floors.
At this moment, I'm staying at a hotel that does have a gym and a pool and free WiFi and room service and an ice machine on my floor, but does not have a mini-fridge or a full-service bar.
Both hotels have had flawed shower situations.

The next work trip I have to take, I will try yet a third hotel chain, in hopes of finding the golden land at a price that my company will pay for.
So I'm crowdsourcing.
What is your favorite reasonably priced hotel? There's no luxury hotels in my future, at least not ones paid for by my job.


  1. choice suites - any of the chain that has the suite option is good -- the non-suite options are much less desirable. I traveled for one job that I had, and since we were often going to big cities, would have cars, and stayed for a bit, these were near the airport and had good prices -- but no room service ...
    Next choice is Hampton, but these may not have many of the desired appointments ... I have never stayed at a bad Hampton inn ...
    Marriotts are always nice but were rarely in the price range my company would pay.
    My suggestion is to stay at the same chain and collect points -- most places allow you to put the points toward your favorite airline ... VACATION ...

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