09 June 2014

New car, pleasant Sunday, telephone sabotage

I bought a new car!

It's a 2014 Mazda CX-5, manual transmission.

See, for one thing, I actually prefer manual transmissions, because I'm crazy like that.
For another, manual transmissions are harder to sell (outside of like, sports cars or whatever).
And for a third, the 2015 Mazdas came out in May.
So I got this car for below dealer cost.
And then I parked it in a field, for I live in the country.
On Saturday I signed all the paperwork and actually made this vehicle purchase. Saturday was my nephew Elliot's 8th birthday, and my sister was taking the kids to Raging Waters.
Quentin and I watched Susannah, which meant that we had a not-quite-2-year-old car shopping with us.
She was such a champ!

Also, this not-quite-2-year-old is entirely potty trained, which makes watching her that much less bothersome.
My niece is a genius, I tell you what.
My niece was also deeply confusing to people.
Well, I should say, she was not confusing, people easily figured out how we all related to each other. They just figured it all wrong.
Susannah is my toddler, and despite having a very young child, I have a boyfriend who is clearly NOT her father.
You are NOT the father!
I spent a lot of time clarifying to the room at large that she was my NIECE.
Oh don't mind me, and my casual references to Susannah's MOM (Oh honey, let's call your MOM soon, okay?).
The followup questions that arose from those clarifications confirmed my suspicions about people's assumptions.
Sunday I was supposed to go to my friend Daniel's birthday picnic in San Francisco, but the car purchasing threw a wrench in all of that (with loose ends and roof racks to wrap up on Sunday), so we stayed in town.
Gabriel and I had a very satisfying (and economical) morning.
First, I took him for a haircut, and we were at the free haircut on the punch-card. So. Free haircut (plus tip, but the HAIRCUT part).
Gabriel also desperately needed new shoes, as his shoes literally had holes in the toes, and his backup pair was too small.
Instead of going to Kohl's, as is my preference, I agreed to take him to Bill's Wheels, which is the skate shop where his cool teenaged older cousins and uncles buy their shoes. It is also where the children's shoes cost $50.
I was feeling indulgent.
Except the shoes he liked best were on sale, and then on extra sale, and ended up costing me $15.
Then we went for bagels and walked on the beach, I got my car home, and spent the rest of the day cleaning out closets, doing laundry, and doing general housy things.
My phone, and it does not matter which phone it is (I have gone through SEVERAL recently), is trying to sabotage my friendships.
Sometimes I just...don't get text messages.
And they are important texts!
And then sometimes my replies just...don't go through!
Important replies!
Most recently, a friend's sister is going through some family strife, and she texted me about it...and just nothing.
I received nothing!
So she thought she was reaching out to me about bad things happening to her sister, and that I just could not be bothered.
So that was fun little web to untangle.
New policy: If you send me something that seems like it warrants a reply, and I don't reply, you aren't being naggy or needy if you follow up with a "Hey did you get this?".


  1. Congrats on the new car! Just be careful parking over dry grass or leaves as a hot catalytic converter can cause a fire.

  2. Gabriel. Still the most beautiful boy.

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