15 May 2014

Recently. Ish.

Flick, looking pensive.
Flick has been missing since last Friday. Today is Thursday. This is not an unprecedented amount of time to be missing (his longest missing stretch was 7 days, which is what we're up against with today). It is, however, worrisome. I'm quite FOND of this cat, you know. And fretting about him. Fret, fret, fret. If you have stories about cats that went missing and then turned back up, I would appreciate them.
We've been doing a lot of beaching. And ponding. And foresting.
Gabriel and Camille, my sometimes exercise buddies

Gabriel and Camille, climbing something
Gabriel is still cub scouting. It's not an activity I personally am drawn to, but he seems quite pleased. They had their pine car derby thing. My brother-in-law helped him with his car, which made it to the finals. He was pleased.
Jaden and Gabriel, showing off their pine cars and their crazy faces
An elusive 4/5 of the siblings picture, which doesn't have much to do with anything, except my brothers were in town a couple weeks ago.
Me, James, Duncan, Laura
Gabriel and I are flying to Arizona tonight to see more of my brother Duncan. Well, and my niece June. She's the main attraction.

Susannah remains one of the most ridiculous babies in all the land. She'll be TWO soon, can you even believe it?
Susannah lets me do her hair
She also loves selfies
When Susannah comes over to my house I feed her marshmallows. I'm her aunt so I don't care if I spoil her. Plus I want her to love me best. Plus it's working.
Flick and Kevin, mystified by my bath
I really hope my cat comes home soon though.


  1. i can't even with Susannah. omg!

  2. I hope too that the cat comes home soon, and I ditto AngieM.'s comment.