28 May 2014

Subscription Addiction

Subscription boxes are THE THING these days, as I'm sure you've noticed.

I have both a hard time making up my mind and a hard time spending all my money on surprises.

Last year I told Julia that I just wanted to pay HER to send me presents every month. It's GLORIOUS.
I get a different assortment by month, it is always a surprise, and she knows me really well, so it's always a PLEASANT surprise.
The May Box was made up of Japanese treats. I love it.
Anyhow. In theory, I can also send Julia a box and it's like a box exchange, but I'm really, really bad at mailing things, so in practice it's usually that I paypal her money ($25/month) and she sends me presents. I think I've done one box for her, and randomly sent her things in the mail a couple of other times. Maybe. Mostly we do the other thing.

Oh here's another box I got. It's the People Magazine VIP Box. I got it via some Klout perk thing where I have 3 months of people magazine and digital access and also I got this box.
It's pretty cool, actually. That weird pink plastic thing is this bizarrely effective detangler. On the description of the things in the box, it is just called 'Professional Detangler'. I tried googling it and there are a couple different ones that look like that, but I'm not sure what the 'official' one is. I have curly hair and this thing WORKS. I would seriously and highly recommend buying it. If I were to lose it? I would buy another.
The nail polish is a pretty good neutral color but I haven't tried it yet.
The cosmetics/toiletries bags (there are three, green chevron pattern) are nice, they are just...cosmetics/toiletries bags.
The bracelet is not my style but I think it would make a nice gift, or gift add-on.
The only thing that I'm never going to use are these Hungry Girl Recipe Cards. From what I can tell, they are like substitute diet recipes. Craving onion rings? Have these zero calorie fake onions instead! Or whatever. That's...not the kind of food I eat. So I'm not into it. Otherwise I thought it was a pretty good box, so I'm thinking if you are a person who subscribes to People, it might well be worth the incremental cost to get the occasional boxes?

21 May 2014

Flick, June, Arizona

Flick came home!
He was waiting on the steps when I got back from Tucson on Sunday.
This brings his Longest Absence Record up to ten days, which gives me a new bar insofar as When To Consider Grieving The Dead Cat. Ten days.
We're glad he's home.

Arizona was quite lovely.
June and Gabriel love each other and watching the two of them was just the best.

Can you even stand it?
I'm prescribing more cousin time!
The city of Tucson, being a desert, maintains a quantity of city pools, as well as splashpads and assorted water features, which we explored.

We also went to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.
Aside from my actual favorite thing, which was visiting my family, this was my favorite part of the trip. We went very early in the morning, before it got too hot, and all the animals were out and about and visible and frolicking. It is, essentially, a desert zoo. I don't know why it was so much more fascinating that a "real" zoo, but it was. Oh wait, I do know. Because the animals, all indigenous to the area, aren't really the animals you see in zoos, so that was interesting, and the backdrop was more or less their natural habitat, so THAT was interesting, and many of them are animals I might see in the wild at home, but I got to get up close and really check them out, so THAT was interesting. A thorough investigation of the mountain lion and the bobcats confirmed my (pleasant) understanding that I have managed not to see the mountain lion(s) that live near my house, as well as my (unpleasant) understanding that we have a VERY large bobcat who lives nearby.
In case you didn't know already, I am the uncontested champion of making babies and children nap. June proved no match for my expertise.
I'm also happy to report that she VERY MUCH LOVES her baby doll, which you can see her napping with, above. Perfect balance between baby-like and not-creepy was achieved! Huzzah.
But can you even stand how cute my nieces are?? (June edition)

15 May 2014

Recently. Ish.

Flick, looking pensive.
Flick has been missing since last Friday. Today is Thursday. This is not an unprecedented amount of time to be missing (his longest missing stretch was 7 days, which is what we're up against with today). It is, however, worrisome. I'm quite FOND of this cat, you know. And fretting about him. Fret, fret, fret. If you have stories about cats that went missing and then turned back up, I would appreciate them.
We've been doing a lot of beaching. And ponding. And foresting.
Gabriel and Camille, my sometimes exercise buddies

Gabriel and Camille, climbing something
Gabriel is still cub scouting. It's not an activity I personally am drawn to, but he seems quite pleased. They had their pine car derby thing. My brother-in-law helped him with his car, which made it to the finals. He was pleased.
Jaden and Gabriel, showing off their pine cars and their crazy faces
An elusive 4/5 of the siblings picture, which doesn't have much to do with anything, except my brothers were in town a couple weeks ago.
Me, James, Duncan, Laura
Gabriel and I are flying to Arizona tonight to see more of my brother Duncan. Well, and my niece June. She's the main attraction.

Susannah remains one of the most ridiculous babies in all the land. She'll be TWO soon, can you even believe it?
Susannah lets me do her hair
She also loves selfies
When Susannah comes over to my house I feed her marshmallows. I'm her aunt so I don't care if I spoil her. Plus I want her to love me best. Plus it's working.
Flick and Kevin, mystified by my bath
I really hope my cat comes home soon though.