08 April 2014

Things I saw in the locker room at the gym today

- Lady taking up an entire bench, fully clothed, reading one of those Jehovah's Witness-type pamphlets with hunky Jesus on the cover.

- Lady who went into the shower with only a towel and one of those plastic bears full of honey.

- Super ancient lady doing tricep dips on the locker room bench. Because...this isn't a gym, with equipment for that. Also? There are only three benches in the locker room. Two were occupied, as outlined.

- Lady in the sauna wearing a garbage bag.

- And, my favorite: the lady who accused me of locking her out of her locker. She left her lock on her locker, unlocked. And someone locked it. And that was definitely me. Because I was somewhat adjacent, trying to hastily pull on my underwear while avoiding the tricep dipper and the Jesus pamphlet reader.  In case you were wondering, I did not lock her things into her locker. With her lock. But somebody did! Although I'm guessing it was her.


  1. What kind of gym do you frequent?!
    Lady with honey - actually not crazy. I wash my face with honey and will never by a cleanser again! Try it! But not the shitty cheap stuff that comes in bear shaped bottles. Try a nice local one.