23 April 2014

overpriced skincare shopping, stitch fix, holiday candy

Shopping preoccupations continue. I'm going to talk about overpriced things that I like. Judge, don't judge, whatever.

Awhile back I ordered one of those skincare sampler thingies from Sephora (it's no longer available or I would link to it). It was a good deal for large sized things that I knew I wanted to try, so I bought it! The good news/bad news about that is the things I've tried so far? I over-the-moon love. And the things I LOVE love? OMG they are expensive.
I cannot believe how wonderful and magical this Kate Somerville ExfoliKate stuff is (I'm linking to this gift one because it's the same price as just the exfoliant but with a bonus little sized one, so it's a better deal). It's...$85. For face 2.5 oz of face scrub. But I love it! But it's $85...
The 0.5oz one is the one that came in my sampler, which hey for $40 is seeming like a real bargain!
I also love the Black Label Detox BB Cream that came in this set. I got the 0.66oz size. 1.5oz is $36. Not quite in Somerville territory, but pricey.
I haven't really gotten into the other products yet, but even if  just those two are hits, I got my money's worth. I'll report back if there's anything else worth a recommendation.

I also bought the Sephora mascara sampler, currently sold out so I won't bother linking. I love buying these because you get a handful of travel sized mascaras for the price of one (premium brand) full sized one, and I genuinely prefer travel sized mascaras. They don't dry out or get weird before I use them up, which is the problem I have with full sized mascaras, and feels like a real waste when spending $20 - $25 on something. Plus y'all know I love mascara sampling.

I ALSO bought (but have not yet received and can't report on) the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. It's expensive, but whatever. It's a hobby! I've wanted one of these powders for awhile, and this seemed like a good way to dip my toe in. I mean, if spending $60 is dipping your toe into anything. Questionable.

If you're on the fence about getting a Clarisonic, this set seems like a screaming deal, since it's the cost of just the Clarisonic Aria, but you also get OTHER THINGS. Same with this one, but for the Mia. I mean, if you were going to get one anyways, I would say get one in one of these sets. Because...you get more things. For the same dollars. Anyhow.
I signed up for Stitch Fix! Even though I only kept one item from my first fix, I really, really LOVED getting the mail and trying on. I think my stylist actually did a very good job on picking things that were on point for me, but the fit was off for a couple things. I recommend, but I also HIGHLY recommend putting together a style pinboard on pinterest to link to in your profile. That's...really the only thing I've ever used pinterest for, but I think it was a genuine help in getting good picks from this service, which was exciting because I got to try on items that I really liked, but that I wouldn't necessarily have chosen myself. If you sign up, I have a referral link. Use my referral link! It gives me a credit. I mean, if you want to. That would be cool.

I can't stop eating Reese's peanut butter eggs. They are my favorite seasonal candy. Yesterday I told myself that IF they still had them at Target, THEN I could buy them. And they had them! So...I bought them. Holiday candy weakness.

10 April 2014

I am poorly equipped for tantrums

Gabriel has been positively rotten for the past couple weeks.
As soon as I type that, I need to clarify. He's been having good days at school, hasn't been torturing my mom or sister (primary after school caregivers), has been generally getting along with the other kids, has been eating.
Those are the typical problems. Getting in trouble for talking out in class, fighting with his cousins (sometimes at school! for bonus double problems!), refusing to eat, fighting with my mom (usually about fighting with cousins! or refusing to eat!).
Anyhow, none of that is going on.
Which is good!
So, so good.
Thank you lord jesus for the thing where my kid doesn't have to be the school behavior problem.
Also, he's been eating! At his 8 year checkup I learned that buttering everything that might touch his lips, and constant hounding about YOU HAVE TO HAVE BREAKFAST EAT ONE MORE BITE has clawed him into the 40th percentile for weight (and 80th for height, if you were wondering). Three years ago? He was in the 80th for height (he's pretty solidly 80th for height) and the SEVENTH for weight. So we're making some real progress with my odd bird bones child. I almost don't fret about him tossing his entire lunch and going for an entire day on hunger strike.
Gabriel has been rotten.
To me.
He's good, good, good, and then I get home, or it's the weekend, and he's just this nasty tantrum monster. Yelling and flinging things about and every night has been ending with him in trouble and me frayed to my very ends.
I don't want to get you in trouble.
Please just don't talk to me that way.
Why are you talking to me that way?
Please, Gabriel, just stop being nasty.
We've had an array of consequences that I don't ESPECIALLY want to enforce because I actually like doing fun things with my child but there you are making the threat and boom, follow through, etc.
I feel like I've been in a permanent state of Enforcing Consequences.
I don't feel like I'm cut out for it. 
Last night was especially bad.
It ended with me locked in my bathroom, locked in my bedroom, Gabriel pounding on my bedroom door alternating between demands to be let in and commands to stay in there and never come out.
Finally I DID come out, to march him to bed and WHY CAN'T YOU JUST STOP I CAN'T DEAL WITH THIS I JUST CAN'T YOU CAN'T TALK THIS WAY TO ME and then weeping and asking in his small voice if he could have a hug with me so keyed up and furious and frustrated that I could barely say yes even though OF COURSE you can have a hug. 

This morning was going more or less okay. He sassed briefly because I refused to go on a hunt for the SPECIFIC pair of socks he wanted to wear, because no. Then I handed him breakfast (warm buttered tortilla, per his request), and in his nastiest, most rotten voice, "I WANTED CRISPIX MOM."
It's like having a human viper hissing at you in your dining room.

I burst into tears.

I wasn't exactly expecting to cry. I'm not a crier.
Gabriel obviously wasn't expecting me to cry. He ate his breakfast without another peep.

I'm hoping this phase passes soon.

I am not equipped.

08 April 2014

Things I saw in the locker room at the gym today

- Lady taking up an entire bench, fully clothed, reading one of those Jehovah's Witness-type pamphlets with hunky Jesus on the cover.

- Lady who went into the shower with only a towel and one of those plastic bears full of honey.

- Super ancient lady doing tricep dips on the locker room bench. Because...this isn't a gym, with equipment for that. Also? There are only three benches in the locker room. Two were occupied, as outlined.

- Lady in the sauna wearing a garbage bag.

- And, my favorite: the lady who accused me of locking her out of her locker. She left her lock on her locker, unlocked. And someone locked it. And that was definitely me. Because I was somewhat adjacent, trying to hastily pull on my underwear while avoiding the tricep dipper and the Jesus pamphlet reader.  In case you were wondering, I did not lock her things into her locker. With her lock. But somebody did! Although I'm guessing it was her.

07 April 2014

Specialized exercise shoes, boring children's movies, weekends, hair dye projects

Project BUY ALL THE THINGS continues. I really do TRY to curb my consumerism, but I also really just...I enjoy shopping, y'know?
I Zappoed a couple pairs of shoes last week. One I'm going to return because even though I'm obsessed with the foresty greenness of them, they just aren't quite the right shape for my foot. I have very narrow feet, and they're wide, plus also leather so I feel that they'll most likely stretch. If you are not one of the very narrow footed, these are nice shoes, and the delightful green color is on sale, and green. Do you know how much I love green?
A lot.
I love it a lot.
I also bought these sneakers. I just bought new sneakers, which look almost exactly the same (same brand and same color scheme/concept), but are more of a running shoe, while these are super lightweight and more of a zumba shoe, if there is such a thing. I've gotten somewhat gym-obsessive this year, and I feel like specializing my shoes. I don't like dancing around and hopping up and down in shoes that feel clunky at all. I don't like running in clunky shoes either, but these are even better. I don't know why two pairs of gym shoes feels so excessive to me, but it does. That's why I'm spending all this time trying to explain to you (myself) why it's okay for me to have TWO WHOLE PAIRS.
It's a normal and acceptable thing to own two pairs of exercising shoes if one does two different exercising things.
Although. I don't actually run. I walk. And occasionally I break from my walk into a jog, and then my chest starts to itch and all the bouncing makes my boobs hurt and then I go back to walking until the various chest discomforts subside. Cycle, repeat, etc.
I've spent the past several years watching what seems like the entire internet convert to running, and I really WANT to be a part of that club, but I just can't. Maybe if I keep trying here and there eventually I will get to a place where I hate running LESS, but I have a hard time picturing myself in a world where I love it. Even though loving to run seems like a healthy, pleasant thing.
I'm not sure why dancy-type aerobic exercise classes don't make me itchy or hurt my boobs, because there's an awful lot of jumping and prancing and what have you, but they don't, which is (I think) why I like them so much.
I went and saw that Mr. Peabody movie on Friday. I rarely take Gabriel to the movies, but I was feeling indulgent. It....was really boring. I like kid movies, but the plot was just excruciatingly uninteresting. There were one or two laugh-out-loud lines/moments, but overall I was just itching to go running up and down the theater aisles and maybe do a somersault and OH MY GOODNESS not sit still. Rocky and Bullwinkle was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid, so I really WANTED to like it, but...it wasn't a good movie. The kids all loved it though, so the night was an overall success.
My weekend was very pleasant. Movie Friday night, then Gabriel's baseball game was canceled because the fields were too wet from storms earlier in the week, but the weather was sunny and nice. On Saturday we went to breakfast and to the park, and then over to my sister's for the evening. I stayed in bed until I was starving to death, which was a bit of a problem because by the time I was sitting in a restaurant and ordering food I felt rather murderous, but other than that it was my favorite kind of lazy day. Sunday I took Gabriel roller skating and then to the park and then also the skate park and then we did some shopping/errand running. I went to bed early last night but today I'm exhausted. I don't usually do that many THINGS in a weekend (things on every single day!).
I'm starting to need a haircut pretty desperately. It's also been awhile since I dyed my hair. The last time I dyed it, I went with a pretty extreme/obnoxious Ariel-red. I loved it, because mermaid hair, but it was very...intense. I felt like it was Pay Attention To Me hair, and sometimes (usually) I just really don't want to be noticed at all. I never use permanent dye because I'm really terrible at hair color upkeep, and red fades a lot regardless, so it was very TEMPORARY Pay Attention To Me hair, so I'm not sure I got quite enough time with it. The nice thing about dying your hair reddish is that (on me) it fades out in a way where I don't have roots or weird looking hair. The bummer thing about dying your hair reddish is that it fades out and then it looks like you never dyed your hair in the first place. So I'm thinking about a redo. Historically speaking, this is the sort of decision that I make after two too many glasses of wine, after midnight, on a Wednesday. So. We shall see.