12 March 2014

What not to post on Facebook, bossy women, vacations, savings, welfare

My mom's cousin's mail-order-bride got in a car accident yesterday, and while she was uninjured the other driver died at the scene of the crash.
I know this because she posted pictures of the accident on Facebook.
Can we all agree what not to post on Facebook?
Don't post dead strangers on Facebook.
It appears that the other driver was entirely at fault, and I'm sure the entire event was quite traumatizing for her, but that other guy is DEAD. He was alive and now he's dead, and I know it because of some pictures on Facebook with the caption "After Walmart Shopping!!"
There was also lots of thanking Jesus who loves her and who is kind and who is watching out special for her.
I have a special rage spot in my heart for people who think that God or Jesus or whatever is up in the sky picking them out special to save and other people to let die. God SAVED me. But not that other guy. Cuz God was looking down from his cloudy god-throne thinking, I'm gonna kill this guy and save this lady to send this lady a special message about how much I love her.
Nothing makes me angrier than this line of thinking.
Although there are many things that make me just as angry.
One of the things that makes me equally angry is the fact that I'm reading all over Facebook and Twitter and wherever on the internet about how we can't use the word bossy anymore when excuse me I think we have bigger fish to fry and also, some people are really, seriously bossy. I know a real-life person who is a woman and a human being and I don't know if she's bossy or not but she was purchased for marriage via the internet. She was involved in a car accident yesterday and the other driver died.
I'm visiting my niece in May. She's off in Arizona, which is where my brother and sister-in-law are living while they do their residencies, so I suppose that's reasonable. Although I wish she lived closer because one of my life missions is ensuring that my nieces adore me. I'm taking Gabriel.

I'm visiting friends in Philadelphia in August. I have more babies to meet. I'm taking Gabriel.

One thing I love about my new job is the part where I actually have work-life balance, and it's a balance that involves both enough time and enough money to do things with Gabriel, like take him on trips to visit babies, for instance.
I've decided I really need to stop spending my dollars on little things here and there like new shoes or kitchenware or whatever, because I would much rather spend larger amounts of money on more satisfying things like vacations or maybe someday a house. Big picture stuff.
Twice now (so I'd like to think it's a new habit), instead of hitting the checkout button, I've closed that tab on my browser and transferred that same amount of money to my savings account.
I feel very accomplished and brilliant doing this.
And I want to take a tropical vacation over Gabriel's spring break next year, so I have a specific thing I'm working towards as well.
When I started this blog I was on welfare.
Now I'm planning vacations and savings and actually trying to figure out when and how I will retire (some day in the very far off future).
Times, how they change.
Also not to brag except I really want to brag, I have worked SO DAMN HARD for all of this. I worked and I worked and I worked and I worked and I kicked and bit and clawed my way out of some really unpleasant life circumstances and then I fought a little harder and climbed a little higher and I couldn't have done one single part of it without a lot of help from a lot of people but I also did it, and at least part of that is me, and I'm proud of myself, and I don't get to say that very often.

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