18 March 2014

Thoughts on the news

I think people who don't vaccinate are irresponsible dickbags.
No, no. Please don't tell me why you don't. Unless it is a medically supported reason (immunocompromised child), I am not even slightly interested. I live in a community where lots of people want to tell me about why they don't vaccinate their special snowflakes.  I've already heard it all.
With most parenting choices, I am of the "Do you what you feel, bruh" camp, even if it's something that I don't personally agree with.
With vaccination, I feel like you are directly ruining my society.
Get out.
If you choose not to vaccinate your child, and then your child infects another child who cannot be vaccinated due to age or health, well you just gave that kid whooping cough (or whatever).
And those kids who cannot be vaccinated?
They don't tend to be the ones with the vim and vigor to withstand potentially fatal childhood diseases.
In sum, consider the following: You don't vaccinate. Your unvaccinated kid gets measles (or whatever). My infant child is not yet able to be vaccinated and gets those measles. DIES.
Hello, you are personally responsible for the death of my child.
I would like you to be penalized accordingly. The penalties for killing children ought to be quite severe.
The problem with this parenting decision is that it affects MANY other people, and negatively.
Don't just get off my lawn.
You're ruining my herd immunity.
Get out of my village.
Right now.
I am obsessed and riveted and obsessively riveted by this story.
It is so upsetting.
Ukraine is....also upsetting.
Are we just gonna....Russia is going to redraw European borders for the first time since WWII?
Don't we think that....we're just gonna....really?
Oh because trade partners?
Okay then.
Still don't care about March Madness.
Brackets hold a certain amount of appeal though.

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