27 March 2014

Things I Bought

I've been buying stuff lately, because I like to buy stuff.

Here is some of the stuff.

I bought a new tent. For full disclosure please note that I got a work-related discount on this tent. I paid about $160 for it. It's a VERY nice tent though. I think it's probably worth $225, if you have $225 in your tent budget, if you have a tent budget. I'm taking Gabriel camping in June, and I'm starting to gather things. Like this tent. Which I bought.

I've also bought assorted emergency supplies, to make my Emergency Car Kit a little more robust. It previously contained items to address all of my day-to-day mini-emergencies (deodorant, tampons, t-shirt, etc). I've added ACTUAL emergency supplies, such as waterproof matches, knife, water treatment tablets, first aid. I googled various emergency kits and bought things on Amazon.

I have been buying things for my impending niece visit. I bought her a baby doll, and some board books, and a pair of pajamas, and a pair of boots. The baby doll was most difficult to find, because I have lots of trouble finding baby dolls that tread the right line between too cartoonish and too much like a real baby laying dead in the corner. I settled on this one, which seems to strike the right balance, for the proper price ($18 at the time of this posting, but, Amazon, so I'm sure that fluctuates wildly).

Gabriel has been voraciously consuming books. He's obsessed with Magic Tree House right now. He got a couple for $1 each at his school book sale, has read 8 from his school library, traded his cousin for two more, I ordered a 4-pack from Amazon, and just agreed to order 4 more from a book order. I'm skeptical about owning versus library-ing these, as he runs through them in about a day and doesn't seem too hot to re-read, but he DEEPLY loves owning them. He's a natural collector of THINGS and loves having his things and organizing them. I don't anticipate getting him all of them, but I don't mind buying him a few. Do you have other book recommendations? He also loves poetry, if by poetry you mean Shel Silverstein, which I do, in this case. So. Children's poetry or chapter books. Otherwise he doesn't much care for picture books these days. I read aloud to him as well.
Oh! We just read The Trumpet of the Swan and it is MAGNIFICENT. I missed it as a child somehow but I just LOVE IT. Even if you don't have kids you should read it. Read it right now. OH IT'S SO GOOD I JUST LOVE IT.
My mom has been reading him the Harry Potter series. I read him through the original AA Milne books, and The Warriors, which...is a series about...feral warrior cats? And their tribes? I don't know. Gabriel really, deeply loves it, but I sort of can't stand it because they all have confusing, stupid names, and unnecessary THESE ARE CATS reminders, and it's not really that well written. At no point was I pleased to be reading it. But Gabriel is OBSESSED. Oh and he read Black Beauty. I came to the conclusion that Black Beauty is the book that most appropriately captures horse ESSENCE. Like actual horse PERSONALITY and feelings towards people. I have Just So Stories to read him, which I think he'll like, and Danny, Champion of the World. But I'm really looking for more books that he can read on his own.

I've been trying very hard not to buy myself any more clothing, with some degree of success. I'll allow that I'm probably just diverting the funds into books and tents, and still not saving quite what I should.

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